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Chapter 7 : System, Start an Internet Café for Me

Seized by the System

Fang Ning’s was brought up after much thought, and was extremely important; it concerned how he would understand the current

But after hearing his , the System was quiet for a long while, not uttering a word.

Fang Ning immediately felt regretful. If he had actually caused the System, with its intelligence, to break down, would Fang Ning be paralyzed for the rest of his life?

Thankfully, the System wasn’t some third-rate software developed by Fang Ning that needed constant patches and upgrades. After a while, it reacted.

"It is not as simple as you think. I’m not too sure on the actual reason; all I know is that the rules given to me were set already. I can only gain power if I follow the rules. No power can be obtained easily. The way I see it, the future seems bleak and so the only way to survive would be to work hard constantly. The Relief Time that I give you should be used properly too, not even a should be wasted. If I find out that you’ve wasted your Relief Time, I’ll revoke it."

The System’s dull words made Fang Ning feel extremely burdened. Is the future really so bleak? Fang Ning couldn’t help but fall into a deep

Why was the future so bleak?

Will I not be able to sleep in, video games, and read novels anymore?

A future where I can no longer video games and read novels does seem incredibly bleak indeed!

Fang Ning was quiet, staring at the ’s stove with its brightly burning fire.

A matter of time passed by before came to Fang Ning suddenly, triggered by the dancing in the ’s stove.

Who decided that he wouldn’t be able to video games after having his body seized by the System?

As a master of and laziness, Fang Ning’s used his free time for gaming and novels.

Day Golden Week had been his favorite holiday since he started working, because he can spend a whole week just lazing at home video games or reading novels without stepping even one foot out of his home. The only time he ever left the house was just to get food.

"Oh Great System, your humble servant has tried his best in coming up with two routes to earning money and experience points. As long as you carry out my of earning money through the culinary industry and earning experience points through luring criminals, your efficiency will increase tenfold. Seeing as I’ve contributed so much, mind giving a reward in advance?"

The System was quiet for a moment before answering.

"What do you want in advance?"

"Since you can make a ’s in your System Space, is it possible to make an café for me? It doesn’t have to be too big, the space of two computers is good enough," answered Fang Ning immediately.

"Buzz off!"

The tone the two words were spoken with was more than enough to convey the System’s

"Now, now, at least let me finish. I’m not going to use it to games (as if); we can work together when the time comes. I can use it to run battle ( video games), analyze other people’s experiences (reading online novels and online news), and finally design our future (saying it is easier than doing it). You can use my body to exterminate criminals and earn money (being an errand runner) and you can even cut my Relief Time in half. As compared to when you were working alone, wouldn’t having two increase our efficiency two times?"

The System really was lacking in intelligence, once Fang Ning that it was all to increase its power, it was hooked.

[The System is processing…]

Fang Ning was confident in his knowledge of the System’s intelligence. Not a while later, the he was expecting popped up.

[The System has agreed to your of increasing efficiency. The System has decided to open a standalone venue in the System Space – an café. Computers and electric sources can be deposited here after being bought externally. But due to the lack of experience points currently, the System is unable to initiate a externally.]

"Then let’s not wait any longer. Let’s go, System, time to serve justice. Let me see that map of yours too, I have to the route to take. Remember to prepare clothes for changing too. Changing your appearance won’t be enough if you’ve caught too many criminals. There’s also the problem of fingerprints and DNA. It’ll be bad if our true identity and our identity were to be connected.

"Look at you, overlooking so many things. If I hadn’t given you and you had continued catching criminals, you would have ended up in jail in a week’s time. If that had happened, you can say goodbye to increasing your power or whatever. Of course I know all this from reading things on the , so you can see for yourself just how important having an café is."

Without realizing it, it was already midnight. At this timing yesterday, Fang Ning was still sleeping soundly. Even during the day, Fang Ning had just watched the System go about its day, not bothering to say anything.

Now that the System had opened an café in the System Space, Fang Ning was unexpectedly taking the initiative? Although, the problems raised by Fang Ning were indeed ones of substance.

The System just could not understand its host. At times, it felt that its slothful host has been pulling its leg, but sometimes the System saw the logic behind its host’s words.

While The System was still confused, Fang Ning had gotten a hold on the System’s map and had the best routes to be taken that night. The System immediately about its worries after Fang Ning was done; it would rather hunt down criminals then understand its host…


At the same time, Zhao Ying had returned to her rented room, her stomach growling with hunger, although she didn’t feel the least bit hungry. After spending a whole day in that gloomy statements, signing documents, her palm prints, drawing her blood and obtaining her DNA, she was beyond exhausted.

Thankfully it was all over, but every time she closed her eyes, all she could see was the corpse that had died with their eyes wide open, and that man that had saved her. Their silhouettes paced in her mind, and she felt as if she were still at the crime scene, and that a criminal would appear any time now.

But it was quiet in her rented room. Usually at this timing, she would be able to hear the soft sounds of a video from the room next door. That guy probably thought that she was asleep and so didn’t feel compelled to wear earphones. But there wasn’t even a peep of sound from the room next door; Zhao Ying couldn’t see light under the door either.

The couple that was renting with them seemed to be absent too, so Zhao Ying was alone in the entire house.

She oddly missed that guy all of a sudden, at least when he was around, the house felt safer. She was pretty sure about that guy’s character; he was honest and good-natured, and had never flirted with her ever. In the two years she’d been renting this room, she’d never heard him speak more than a few sentences.

it, she might as well whip up a late-night snack for some late-night browsing. Maybe she can spend the night watching some movies featuring buff men. While her night, Zhao Ying turned on all the lights in the house. With the house as bright as the sun, she finally felt a sliver of security.

As she moved to the kitchen, she caught a whiff of a faint fragrance, causing her appetite to improve slightly.


"Fang Ning" returned to the rented house, weariness weighing his shoulder down. After catching criminals an entire night, it was already 4 o’clock in the morning. He unlocked the front door and entered the brightly-lit living room. Gunshots and cannon-sounds from an American blockbuster sounded softly from the room next to his.

"You’re back?" The door of the room next to his opened suddenly and out popped his beautiful housemate’s head. Seeing that it was Fang Ning, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Fang Ning" only stared at her briefly without uttering a word, and then made a beeline for his room.

"Hey, did you cook that meal that was in the kitchen? I finished it, and since it was so good, I won’t get angry at you for using the eggs, , and garlic that I bought." The girl seemed to be something to him, but it felt more like she was just looking for something to talk about.

"Fang Ning" stilled in his suddenly and turned to scan her from head to toe before asking, "If it really was that good, then would you be interested in joining me in opening a breakfast restaurant?"

Zhao Ying was about to reject instinctually, but when she thought back to how good the meal was, she immediately nodded her head in agreement and said, "Definitely interested, as long as I get to eat food like that every day."

She’s not stupid, she knew the value of good food in this modern city.

"Well then sleep soon, staying up late isn’t good for the skin."

Hearing Fang Ning’s concern, Zhao Ying felt slightly touched and was just about to say thank you, but Fang Ning continued instead with, "If you lose your good looks, I might consider changing business partners."

Bastard, can’t believe you only wanted me as a business partner because of my looks!

But at least you have good taste, good food and a beautiful woman is definitely a fool-proof idea.

Zhao Ying took in Fang Ning appearance and realized that after cleaning up properly, he was really quite handsome.

Yesterday night when she had met him before leaving on her date, she had thought so too. Now that she knew Fang Ning could also cook really well, Zhao Ying instantly felt that this guy wasn’t a bad choice as a backburner.

She suddenly felt the fearful images from her mind clear, and so immediately went to bed.

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