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Chapter 2 : The System is Fighting for Justice

Seized by the System

Even after returning to the room after the shower, the system continued its relentless assault.

[Initial habitat complete. Survival health index has increased slightly. The System is processing the next course of ]

[The System is processing…]

[The System is processing.]

[The System is processing.]

[The System has decided on a night jog.]

'What the f*ck! You know what, you've got me there.' After the System gave him dialogue , Fang Ning was still wondering if everything would just like a game, where his body would return after he arrived at a certain cutscene. Sadly, that was not the case.

He could only stare as his own body slid into a set of exercise clothing and put the pair of high quality counterfeit Nike shoes he had gotten from Taobao with a movement of practice eased, before leaving his room.

As he left the house, he bumped into his housemate again, who now had makeup delicately dabbed over her features. She was prettier than she usually was, but for whatever reason, she was wearing something too thick for a warm night like this; she had her usual choice of outfit – stockings, miniskirts, and spaghetti straps – for a pair of long jeans and a pink sweater.

Zhao Ying reflected the look of surprise on her face as well. What was the cold-eyed-boy up now, when it was already this late outside??

She was all dressed up to meet a rich online friend that she had been talking (catfishing) to for a long time. It was Qixi Festival, after all, what could a bachelor be doing out of the house?

She understood after she went downstairs. That bachelor had went jogging.

"What a poor child, seeking release through jogging! He actually looks quite handsome after he tidies himself up. Never really noticed that before, huh? How could he still not have himself a girlfriend?" Zhao Ying pouted, sighing in pity before hailing a cab.


Fang Ning observed as the System commanded his body through the workout. As a spectator, he had experienced a very boring half hour. After the jogging had finally ended, he heard another new system

[Physical energy declining to fatigue levels. Resting The System has decided to rest.]

His body then started to walk around slowly. Fang Ning thought to himself: 'Great, you're resting now, time to return the body to its owner, yeah?'

Sadly, he still couldn't lift even his little finger.

Another ten minutes passed before a new system chimed in.

[Physical energy , physical health increased slightly. The System is processing the next course of ….]

[The System is processing….]

[The System is processing….]

[The System decides to fight for justice….]

'Wait! System, oh Sir System, what did you just say?' Fang Ning was rendered speechless by what he had just heard. This System came here and snatched his body without even a brief , and now he realized that this System might even have an towards martial arts. Why else would it suddenly decide to 'fight for justice'?

Well, the good thing was that judging from the signs he caught from the System, he might not be forced to do things that went against his moral compass. The bad thing, however, was that aside from the main character, heroes usually ended up dying much quicker than the average calefare!

Still, the System did not offer him any sort of It was as if it already had a clear in mind as it walked determinedly towards a Even Fang Ning was confused after the 18th turn it made on the complicated route it took.

While the System was walking, Fang Ning, who read too many novels that reminded him of the different ways of how heroes could die, was hit with a thought that made him shake in fear.

"Wait, System? Sir System? I can't stop you from your to fight for justice, but please, at least put on a disguise! We're no longer in the past, and is set up everywhere! I don't want to famous after just one night; the first rule of having a life hack in a novel is to be as as possible. The famous die really quickly!" Fang Ning yelled in his mind.

Although the System did not take notice of his , Fang Ning was still hopeful as he provided the System with his input. No matter what, the System had indeed given him those dialogue , even if they were for a simple that he had had with Zhao Ying a few minutes ago. Thus, it was that at least in some aspects, the System's intelligence was not sufficient; it required help from the Host.

Fang Ning was absolutely delighted when his thoughts were confirmed. This was the first time the System gave a to his comments.

[The Host has provided relevant input. The System is processing….]

'Hm, so this System might still listen?' Fang Ning finally found out some secrets about his captor. For some reason, the System's ultimate goal was to survive. However, 'Survival' and 'Fight for Justice' were two contradicting goals that could not be

Thankfully, that was not something that he would worry about right now. At this moment, Fang Ning was that he had finally found some sort of light in the darkness that was his future. Since the System was open to his ideas, there was still some hope that he would eventually be the owner of his body. However, he soon realized that he was just dreaming.

[The System has decided to put on a disguise. Current Art of Disguise level: 1.]

A was visible in his mind.

At present, there were no mirrors around for Fang Ning to know what he looked like. However, he could clearly feel his height increasing. It was when he stood in comparison to his surroundings.

This System was really magical! Besides changing his appearance, it even increased his height? Fang Ning starred as he transformed from a 168cm low-life to a 180cm dream guy. He couldn't help but to be delighted by this. If he regained ownership of his body in the future, he would be able to change anything he wanted, right?

[Disguise completed. The System has decided to fight for justice.]

Fang Ning snapped out of his daydreams. He decided to not bother this stupid System for a while, and a real passive observer. He wanted to see how it wanted to 'fight for justice', with the pretense that it did not ruin his body.

The System gave him a surprise right after that.

After the disguise was complete, the System commanded his body to turn and walk into a street. There were no streetlights on the road, and there were only a few rays of light in the night. It was incredibly dark, but Fang Ning found out that his eyesight was outstanding. So good that he could clearly see that a few hundred meters away from them, a slim woman was using her bag to hit a fat man.

"Hey, what are you doing? We've just met for the first time, keep your hands to yourself!"

"What I'm doing? Why, getting us a hotel room, of course! Why else do friends meet? I even took the train to meet you! Why don't you pay for my train ticket?" The fat man's smile was filthy as he forcefully took the woman in his arms.

Fang Ning studied the That woman… Wasn't she his housemate? She's that pretty housemate that he met twice just now who had left quite an on him.

The man's face looked absolutely revolting. Such a pretty girl; despite living in such close proximity to her, Fan Ning had not managed to talk to her much, nor did he manage to catch her name even after such a long time. Yet somehow, she was close enough to this fatty that they scheduled an offline meet!

If this fatty did not have a face like his and was actually fairly good looking, both of them would probably be in a hotel room by now, no?

Just as Fang Ning sank into his routine daydreaming, he suddenly realized that his mouth was moving.

"Stop! How could you forcefully abduct a woman in broad daylight! Have you no shame!?"

Fang Ning never knew that he had such a and dignified voice fitting of the most respectable man.

Then, he realized -?sh*t, that was the default voice effect! But wait, why did he not receive any dialogue If he had, he would have never said that line. The city was enveloped in a night so dark that the moon was difficult to find, how could it be 'broad daylight'? His awkward fuse was triggered so badly.

The fat man was stunned silent too. Was an actual human being this nonsensical?

His gaze caught up with him before he burst into laughter. Fang Ning's height was comparable to his in a fight, but that body size was leagues away. Fang Ning was too skinny, and he stood there like a bamboo stick that would fall from the slightest breeze.

Of course, he did not know that this was the effect from Fang Ning's It was natural for him to look skinny after he grew almost 20cm taller while maintaining his original weight.

This System was still bound by certain scientific principles. Unlike Detective Conan, the System could not ignore the law of of mass. It could not or shrink at will. He could only thinner after he became taller if there was no change in his weight. Very, very thin.

"Go mind your own business, you bamboo stick! This is my girlfriend, and what happens between us has nothing to do with you! We can go anywhere we want tonight! I'll have you know that you won't be the first person I murder!" As the words left his mouth, a fruit knife appeared in his hand and was thrust in Fan Ning's , a sinister his face.

Fang Ning paled, and his brain pulled up a He wanted to dodge, wanted to turn and run as fast as he could, but he realized that he still could not control his body. Did that mean that he would die like this, thanks to this life hack called the System?

However, it only took him another to realize how foolish his fears were, and how powerful the System was for him to rely on.

In his eyes, his body moved to the commands of the System, and dodged quickly to the left and right. It was so quick that an ordinary person would never see it with his eyes. Then, he hit the man's chest with his palm.

The next thing Fang Ning saw was how the sinister face froze, how the fat man moved his hand to press against his chest, and how he then slowly to the ground, his eyes still wide in disbelief. The man was the epitome of not dying in peace.

Fang Ning was stunned. System, this was too godd*mn ruthless! This was basically how ancient heroes behaved, where they would kill indiscriminately when injustice unfolded before them. Even Lu Tixia wasn't as swift as he was when he punched Zhen Guanxi.1Lu Tixia punched Zhen Guanxi three times before the latter was done, but the System only needed a palm attack! One! This life hack is amazing!

It was then when he saw the system that appeared in his mind.Lu Tixia punching Zhen Guanxi was one of the stories in the book All Men Are Brothers. Lu Tixia is a hero that punched Zhen Guanxi as the latter was cruel to another family.

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