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Chapter 7 : As sweet as donut

I'm Mineta (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic).

Minoru walked to the front and startled everyone.

"What are you do-," Before the hero finished his words he saw from Minoru's head something flew and flew toward the middle area. They wanted to reprimand him but stopped when they saw that thing absorbed the fire.

They wanted to ask him but stopped again when they saw his right hand looked very dangerous.

Minoru his mochi forearm until the pressure caused it to explode. He also covered it with his other quirk to make it harder.


Minoru threw his mochi arm and it flew toward the very fast. He was quite disappointed with the heroes in this area. He saw his attack hit the and made him fly away. He walked toward Midoriya who caught Bakugou.

"Are you okay?" Minoru asked.

"A-ah, yes!!" Minoru saw Midoriya with a nervous

"MINORU!!" Minoru turned his head and saw Kashiko running toward him and hugged him directly, "You ! What if you get hurt!" He was quite happy now. He could feel her breasts on his chest. He was actually missing the feeling of her chest while she rode his motorcycle. He was very happy that this feeling came back to him.

He also hugged her and caressed her back. He definitely couldn't miss his chance to do this.

"I'm fine, don't worry, I won't do something like this again," He needed to coax this girl who buried her head on his chest.

"Hmm," Kashiko was still on his chest.

He still tried to coax this girl and wanted to take her away from here because he became the center of He also saw Allmight walk here.

He turned his head and said toward Midoriya "Well, be careful, I'm going back, the rest will be taken care of by the hero," He took Kashiko's hand and wanted to go back but he decided to give the cool line, "Let's meet up in the U.A. High school."

"YES!!" Minoru smiled and took Kashiko to go back. He didn't expect it to be very easy to conquer Kashiko. He walked back and was greeted by a lot of heroes and the people around him.

"Wow, you're great!"

"Your quirk is very strong!"

"Kid, are you aiming to be a hero?"

The bystander asked him a lot of

"Hey, when you graduate come to my office," Kamui Wood said to him.

"No, come to my office!" The Death Arms said.

"Leave those two men and come to Onee-san's office when you graduate," the Mountain Lady said with a very sexy voice.

Kashiko looked at the Mountain Lady with a very wary and as if told her, 'FUCK OFF, OLD LADY!'

The Mountain Lady ignored her and kept looking at Minoru. She knew that this boy was very strong.

The heroes and the reporter started to gather around him until they heard a roar.

"HURRY UP AND HELP THE VICTIM!!" All Might came with an authoritive tone.

They realized their mistake and started to help the both young boys and caught the

Minoru felt thankful toward All Might since he didn't want something troublesome. He held Kashiko's hand and said, "Run!"

They ran together and left the group of people who followed them.

Minoru hurriedly rode his motorcycle and Kashiko sat in the back seat. They left the reporter and the people who tried to ask him

All Might shake his head. He felt his spirit was burning when he remembered Midoriya running toward Bakugou. He had never thought for someone without a quirk would be this brave. He looked at the green haired boy and looked at Minoru who had already gone on his motorcycle.

All Might had decided who would the next symbol of peace.


Minoru drove his motorcycle and Kashiko hugged him.

Kashiko still remembered when he said he would help those two boys from the She thought he was a real hero. Her heart started to flutter and sighed. She was wondering if she was very easy or if Minoru was too attractive. She shook her head and buried her head in his back. His smell was very nice.

Minoru didn't know what she was thinking but he was sure that his photo would be all over the news. He didn't mind if it was only his photo but he was sure that Kashiko would be there hugging him. He was wondering if he could make a harem and also made Yaoyoruzu to his girlfriend if the world knew that there was a cute girl around him.

Minoru was also worried about whether Kashiko would the concept of harem. His mind was in chaos. Building harem was very difficult.


They arrived at her home since he decided to take her home. He walked her to the front of her house.

Kashiko stopped and looked at his face. She had decided in her mind.

"Minoru, I've decided," Kashiko suddenly said.

"What have you decided?" Minoru was quite

"I've decided to your support in the future when you make your own hero agency," Kashiko said with Her quirk was very helpful in hero activities and she would definitely help him to the number one hero. She was also blushing when she said this to him. She looked at him and waited for his answer.

Minoru snorted and said, "No."

"What??" Kashiko was dumbfondded. She couldn't understand what he was thinking, "Why?"

Minoru smiled at her, "Rather than my support, why don't you my girlfriend?"

Kashiko was trying hard to fight her blush but she couldn't. Her face was very red and looked at him shyly. She wanted to say 'yes' but remembered his earlier. She snorted at him, "No!"

Minoru twitched his lips and knew this was her revenge.

Kashiko stuck out her tongue and made her look very cute.

They looked at each other and didn't say anything.

Minoru moved his head closer and Kashiko closed her eyes. They didn't say anything and let their lips touch each other.

They said the first kiss tasted like a strawberry but this kiss was sweet like a dessert especially because of the donut they had eaten earlier.

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