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Chapter 2 : Mochi? Grape? Ball?

I'm Mineta (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic).

They brought him to the nearest clinic to check what was his quirk.

Minoru knew what his quirk was, he remembered from the anime his quirk was' Pop Off. '

Pop Off allows Minoru to produce extremely sticky, removable spheres from his head.

Once Minoru removes one of his spheres, a new one will grow in its almost instantly. Those spheres appear to be made of Minoru's hair, with him referring to them as such.

The spheres will glue themselves to any surface once they get in contact with one, and are extremely difficult to take off seeing that any limbs or objects will just get stuck to it as well. Minoru is the sole to this, as his spheres act like bouncy objects when he touches them. Water does not seem to affect the capabilities of the spheres.

The stickiness of the spheres corresponds to Minoru's health, with it lasting at least a whole day if he happens to be in good If Minoru removes too many spheres from his head in quick , he will begin to bleed from the scalp.


It was kind of confusing whether his quirk was strong or not. He had to admit that his quirk was great to catch criminals, but at the same time, they were weak. His quirk didn't have lethalities such as Bakugou or All Might.

Bakugou could use his to attack criminals and All Might had a superpower to punch anything but he could only use his sticky ball from his hair.

Minoru started to think about how to make his quirk stronger. He knew that he couldn't change the fact that he was reincarnated into ' Minoru' but he was hoping that he wouldn't be only 110 cm when he was in high school. He knew that it would be hard for him to search for a wife if he was that short.

Minoru was hoping that his would cause a or change in him with such a dual quirk or that he was taller than in the story.


They arrived at the clinic to check his quirk, his parents took his hands and brought him to register with the

"Don't be nervous okay!" His dad tried to him.

"Yeah, don't worry, even if you can't a hero, you can follow your dad's business," his mom also

Minoru nodded at them, and he was grateful that he had such supportive parents in this life. He was almost depressed every day thinking he would ' Minoru'.

Minoru took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He both of his cheeks and tried to cheer himself up.

'Yes, I can't always be depressed!' Even though he became 'Minoru ;, it wasn't impossible for him to date Yaoyoruzu.

In this life, Minoru needed to enter U.A High School for his first target. He needed to train his quirk and found a mentor probably. He needed to learn both martial arts and body to make himself stronger.

The target was to date Yaoyoruzu, Minoru knew that the real ' Minoru' had a big crush on her as someone who took over his body.

" Minoru, you can enter the room," the nurse called him and smiled. She also pinched his cheek because he was so cute.

Minoru didn't mind since the nurse was cute. He was still a child and he was definitely one of the cutest children in kindergarten.

He often tried to act cute in front of a young mother in kindergarten and they hugged him into their bosom.

Minoru knew that if he became a teenager he couldn't do something like that. He needed to take advantage of his child's body as much as he could.

Minoru and his parents entered the room and saw a middle age doctor greeted them.

"Hello, are you ; The doctor asked him kindly.

"Yes, Doctor !" Minoru nodded.

"Good, let's start checking your quirk," Minoru nodded in response.

Minoru took his clothes and let a doctor some strange device on his body. He didn't know that it was too complicated to check a quirk on someone else. He was waiting for 5 minutes but it was like an eternity for him.

Minoru was very nervous waiting for the result especially when he saw the doctor frowning in front of the screen.

"How is it, Doctor ?" His dad asked, he was probably also very impatient with the results.

"Hmm, there seems to be a on his quirk," the doctor said unsurely.

"Wha-what? Is it bad?" His mom was worried.

"No, no, it's not something , it's just that he will get 2 quirks, it was quite rare for someone to have 2 quirks," The doctor hurriedly said.

Both of his parents sighed in relief but became They never expected their children would have 2 quirks.

"What kind of quirk is that ?" Minoru asked happily. He knew one of his quirks was probably 'Pop Off' his grape head was a sign of this quirk.

"Well, it seems like you can make a ball from your head," the doctor said.

Minoru nodded and took his ball like hair. He squeezed it several times and threw it toward his dad.

"WHAT!!" His dad was startled and caught. He was startled when he saw it was very sticky and he couldn't separate his hands, "MINORU!! HURRY UP AND RELEASE ME!!"

Minoru nodded and released his quirks, and his dad sighed in relief but looked at him with a hateful gaze.

"Dear, don't worry about it," his mom tried to calm him and kissed him again.

"Oh, such a naughty child," his dad became calm when he received a kiss from his mother.

Minoru felt annoyed with their intimacy, and he hurriedly asked the doctor his other quirks, "What is my other quirk?"

The doctor nodded and was quite unsure to say, "It seems you can produce some kind of sticky substance from your body."

"Sticky substance?" They looked at the doctor weirdly.

"Yeah, try to make something out of your hand," the doctor said.

Minoru nodded even though it was weird, he looked at his hand and produced some white sticky things from his hand.

"What is this?" His dad looked at it

Minoru and the doctor also looked at it , they tried to analyze what kind of thing it was.

"Hmm, it's probably mochi," his mom said.

"MOCHI!!" They realized it and tried to touch it.

It was kind of sticky but chewy at the same time.

His mom, his dad, and the doctor looked at him with a weird , it was their first time seeing a quirk that could produce a mochi.

"Don't worry, you can mochi shop," his dad patted his back, but Minoru ignored it.

Minoru's body started to shudder and he screamed, "YES!!!!" He was happy that he had this quirk and realized he could one of the powerhouses in the world.

"Hahahaha, I didn't know that you're so excited to open a mochi shop!" His dad patted his back and made him sweat. Minoru thought that his dad was misunderstanding something.

Minoru shook his head with this quirk, he became one of the powerhouses in this world and made Yaoyoruzu his girlfriend.

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