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Chapter 33 : Young Master of Demon Race

Lotus of The Northland

As Audrey was not too far from the boy, she finally opened her mouth with a calm but quite audible, "So, you're the one who made that Ghouls out of their domain?"

Audrey stopped walking on the frozen waterway.

She stood on a frozen lake pool as her gaze fixed on the boy who was not far from her.

And again, Audrey was a bit stunned by this boy's appearance. His alluring appearance with crimson red eyes seemed can swallow up all living being that looked into his eyes. His exotic skin and well build are formed as if to add a plus on his appearance.

Audrey had seen the stunning appearance of William the first time they met in a river. Yet, the boy in front of her now is no less handsome than the appearance of William.

Audrey wondered, did the guys in this world look more seductive than her world?

Initially, Audrey's grandfather said the most beautiful creatures in this world are the Elven Race, they are also a race that is loved by nature.

Other than the Elven Race, there is also the Demon Race. The appearance of the Demon Race is rather more seductive than the beautiful Elves.

The Elves have a calm and natural nature, while the demons have an aggressive and seductive nature.

Thinking of it, Audrey became more eager to meet other creatures she had never seen before.


The boy frowned as he saw the beautiful girl approaching him by walking on the lake water.

Even from afar he can feel the girl's overbearing ice magic.

The way of the girl's freeze puddle of the lake it can be said that control of her magic is very outstanding.

What made him even more surprised was when he heard the girl open her mouth and what should not be known to anyone.

"Impossible!... how did she know" he grunted in shock.

The boy looked at the girl with a gloomy face as his eyes looking at her piercingly, "Who are you?"

He is very confident that his should not be known by anyone.

However, unexpectedly it turns out his was caught by a girl he had seen.

How does she know? As if he recalled when he absorbed the miasma in the Ghouls' domain using his Spiritual Object. At the time, he was pretty sure no one saw him.

Besides, If this girl had known from the beginning the culprit was him, she should not have asked such a to him from the beginning the girl saw him.

So, how exactly did she know? or is she just picking up a guess? as if the boy were thinking deeper.

Never mind, it does not matter. More importantly, how did this girl bravely approach him by herself?

He sneered as he thought where does the girl's confidence come from?


"My name is Audrey"

Audrey lightly introduces herself to the boys of the Demon Race.

Although her voice is light, the boy could hear Audrey's mellifluous and smooth voice that was pleasant to hear.

"Oh, did you come here just to introduce yourself? or do you come here to surrender yourself to me?" he grinned.

"Surrender? why should I?" Audrey raised her eyebrows lightly.

"Well, your appearance is not bad, not to the Elves. Hmm... not bad... yup! I decided you could be my servant" the boy nodded with

Hearing the boy's sentence, Audrey's face turned Servant? for a moment she feels Déjà vu,

"It turns out, you're no different from that giant boy" she coldly said.

The first time Audrey landing after being teleported into a cave. She met a giant boy from the Titan Race when he 10,000 years of Milk.

At that time the giant boy thought that Audrey was also eyeing 10,000 years of Milk. Furthermore, he had told Audrey to be his

Ultimately, Audrey froze that presumptuous giant boy into a dead ice sculpture.

"Giant boy? do you mean Titan Race? I'm Young Master of Demon Race, ! Darn girl, how dare you equalize me with him! I gave you a chance but you did not treasure it"

shook his head in disappointment.


Audrey snorted at ;s disappointment.

"Looks like I do not have to negotiate with a scumbag like you" she stared with an icy cold look.

Audrey lifted her hands slowly, a puddle of calm lake water below her moved to form a spiral water and increasingly following Audrey's hand movements.

Audrey's body surrounded by a spiral of water. Beautiful and sparkling blue water with her light white clothes, her dark blue hair straight and a pair of perfect blue eyes. She looks like a Little Goddess of Water.

Audrey moved her finger around. The water spiral around her condensed and then solidifies forming two water lances.

Even who from the beginning full of arrogance could not help was astonished to see Audrey's beautiful appearance like a Little Goddess of Water.

However, this was no time to be amazed, his changed as he saw two large water lances near Audrey.

Audrey looked at him coldly as if moving her finger toward and said lightly, "Go!"

The water lance was spinning at high speed as if the spray of water with its gliding toward like a skyrocket.

"Dark shield"

the darkness element inside his body forming a large bubble and thickens into a hard shield covering his entire body.


Audrey's first water lance hit hard into Dark Shield and produced a powerful water This attack only produced in the area around without scratching ;s defenses.


The water lance Audrey's shot smashed again the dark defenses that made.

However, the water lance attack is stronger than the first water lance attack, not only resulted in a terrible water , also managed to crack ;s the Dark Shield.


The Dark Shield of ;s cracked by a water lance in a row his defenses.

The bubble that shrouded showed a crack as if it had a hole showing ;s dumbstruck face and was slightly backed down.

"He cracked my Dark Shield unexpectedly," muttered dumbfoundedly.


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