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Chapter 786 : Close Down the Orphanage

Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!

Xinghe's party soon reached the top floor. The two doctors who had been monitoring Deqing reported his to Xinghe. "Manager Huang's symptoms are getting more and more pronounced. After our analysis, we have confirmed that Manager Huang has indeed been infected."

Xinghe nodded and said softly, "The latest news from Young Master has said that the infected boy has just passed away and Young Master is not doing so well."

The faces of the doctors shifted slightly. "Then, does this not mean Young Master's and Manager Huang are…"

"Yes, we are not optimistic."

"Then, what should we do?" The two doctors started to worry. If this illness was allowed to spread, who knew how many deaths they might end up having on their hands.

"Miss Xia, we have to increase the size of the medical team. We cannot afford to let this flu continue to spread, the consequences will be too dire!" one of them suggested The other doctor also agreed with the Their small medical unit would not be able to contain a virus outbreak. They were also afraid that they would be infected themselves. However, the thing they were most afraid of was that the He Lan family would decide to wipe them all out and level the orphanage to keep their secrets from being exposed.

"Young Master will have his own arrangements, but temporarily, no one is allowed to leave the orphanage. The orphanage is officially on lockdown; no one is allowed to leak the news to the public or else…" Xinghe let the threat linger and it startled the two doctors. They had never had such a sharp gaze stare down at them before. She seemed to look into the dark depths of their souls.

However, the next , Xinghe reverted to normal. "You two must be tired from a long shift, go and rest first. We will help take care of Manager Huang from now on and you two can join the rest and take care of the others."

"Yes, madam!" The two doctors were normal doctors, so they felt Xinghe's arrangement was reasonable. After all, if something was to happen to someone as important as Manager Huang, the responsibility was not something both of them could bear.

After the two doctors left, Xinghe ordered Wolf and Cairn to stay guard outside the door as she and the rest pushed the door to Deqing's sickbay open and walked in.

Deqing was coughing incessantly, lying on his bed. He was burning up with a fever and it was that he was feeling incredibly When he saw Xinghe them walk in, he immediately ordered, "Quick get me the medicine, if you fail to cure me… cough… I will have the Young Master punish all of you…?cough…"

Ali could not help but laugh. "Even at a time like this, you still have the energy to threaten people."

"Since he aims to threaten us, why don't we kill him now to prevent him from ratting us out?" Sam smirked coldly.

Deqing seemed to realize the atmosphere in the room had changed and he widened his eyes to look at them in shock. The pairs of eyes that looked at him in return were weird and not really friendly…

A murderous aura permeated the air in the room and Deqing asked , "What are you people to do? I am your !"

"You are the one who threatened us first, we are only saving our hides," Xinghe said softly.

Deqing immediately turned up a smile. "I was just kidding, why would I threaten you? Cough… The high fever must have affected my mind… I misspoke earlier, and I apologize for that, so can you please figure out a way to save me now…"

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