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Chapter 20 : THE 10 SEALS

Link: Sword of Wisdom

"Eh, Father, when did you come here?" Zen asked his father. Xavier was looking around and, he didn't see any sign of Xene! He asked, "Where is Xene?"

"He is already here in the Imperial and, we told one of the guards to come and, take him here in the courtyard." The Emperor replied.

The guard rushed towards the Imperial Family in the courtyard and, reported to the Emperor while kneeling, "Your Highness, Xene is nowhere to be found. He vanished." The Emperor was enraged and, asked, "Didn't you said he was now in the Imperial !" The Emperor didn't expect that the guards won't be able to bring Xene to them!

"Go, and find him! Asked him to come here when you see him!" The Emperor said, and wondered why Xene had a sudden change of heart to not come near them. They immediately dispersed first and, just go on to what they were doing. If Xene's not coming, they will be just wasting time.

After 1 hour, one of the guards reported in the throne room, "Your Imperial Highness, Xene is nowhere in the nor was he in the Imperial Capital and, the Academy. We can't find a trace of him!" The Emperor was actually speechless! His guards all over the Imperial Capital can't find a trace of him! Where did he go? Judging from his personality, he wouldn't actually hide from them.

The Wisdom god appeared in the throne room, and he told the Emperor, "You don't need to find him anymore. I will be going back to the gods' realm." Zen was shocked, and wondered why his father isn't interested anymore with Xene. He asked, "What do you mean, father? You're not bringing him as an apprentice anymore?"

"I can't have a dead apprentice anyway." The Wisdom god muttered with grief. Xene or Jin was still his bestfriend long ago! He even revived his children though, it was him who killed them but, he knew that it was his children that wanted to kill him first.

The Emperor was shocked! He asked, "Eh, what do you mean dead, Father?" Xavier replied, "In order to bring you five back to life, he rewind time. It was the power of one of the 10 great gods. Then, tell me, what will happen if some mortal used that power?"

"WHAT?! WE DIED? HOW?" The Emperor was shocked when he heard his father spoke. The Wisdom god replied, "Hmm, you fought against him then, he said to all of you to come at him all at once."

The Emperor believed his father and, asked, "Did we put up a good fight against him?" Xavier actually laughed awkwardly, and replied, "He made me kneel with words so, tell me did you put up a fight?" Zen understood this words of his father. The Wisdom god added, "You five died with one word coming from his mouth."

Now, the Emperor was dumbfounded! With one word, we died?! How can that happen?! Is that guy a god?! Since it came from his father, he regained his composure and, asked, "Father, is Xene a god?"

"If he is a god, he wouldn't have died using the power of the time god. But, if you're going to ask about his strength against the gods. He can everyone in the realm and, put up a fight with the council." The Wisdom god replied with shame on his face and, added, "Luckily, it was different here and, the gods' realm. If he can utilize his power in that realm, he can do that but, he is in the mortal realm which is really low compared to our realm."

The Emperor nodded. He knew how different the two realms are to each other. Someone of the Expert stage in the mortal realm in any path won't be compared to those servants in the gods' realm.

Even one of the servants might be able to destroy 1/4 of a world.

"Too bad. He won't be able to utilize his power to that extent. If only he was alive, he could've conquered the whole realm after his training in the gods' realm." The Wisdom god said with a sigh.

He moved out of the then, he approached the sky to return to the gods' realm. He never thought he would come back empty-handed.

'I still have 500 years to go, there's still some time.' The Wisdom god thought as he approached and, travel back to the gods' realm. He entered his and, every servants greeted him.

" back, Your Highness." Everyone of the servants spoke with synchronized manner. The Wisdom god just waved his hand, and he asked the servant to write another letter to the council.

"Write there that the apprentice of the Wisdom god has died." The Wisdom god said with a low voice and, the servant just nodded. Xavier go back to his room! It was full of diamond embedded on the walls and the base of his bed is pure gold with rubies embedded on it! His couch is of the finest and, softest material in the whole universe!


The Council of the Five gods

There are five people seating in a table of five. One of them spoke, "What will we do? The Wisdom's apprentice actually died! We only have 500 years left!" It was the 5th strongest god who spoke.

"We can't do anything about it but, we still have time! If he can't find anyone, we just need to transfer it to one of his children." The other one spoke. It was the 3rd strongest god.

"But, if his children can't handle it, the power will be set free!" The other one said which was the 4th strongest god.

The 1st strongest god who was also the head of the council spoke, "Well, even if it was released. There will still be 9 seals. I didn't realized that this Wisdom is so We can just let it be for now. We just need to not let the other 9 seals to be released!"

All of them nodded.

'The Creator must not be released.' Everyone of them thought to their hearts.

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