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Chapter 9 : Limit On

Link: Sword of Wisdom

The duel started. was running towards Xene. And, Xene? He was just standing there. He was trying to know the strength of his opponent. Since [Ultra Instinct] was activated, he just stood there waiting for the Royal Dragon's attack. Even in the human form, his power will still be something that even 10 of those Diamond-rank Adventurers can't defeat.

The Royal Dragon was running forward. He was still confused why there was no aura but, he still continue running. When he was near, using his sword he strike it to Xene's left shoulder but, Xene dodged. The audience was shocked. The sword strike was actually fast but, Xene dodged it like the person he was fighting was a newbie.

was happy! Hell yeah! This is the Dragon King! He is fighting the Dragon King! He used the sword skill he learn after reaching the level where he can transform to a human form. shouted, "Thousand Piercing Sword." Thousand of swords with powerful aura appeared then, it targeted Xene. Targeted by thousand of swords? One can just wish to survive!

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

Thousand powerful sound was heard. The audience was amazed! Yes, this is the power of the proud Royal Dragon. Dust of sands covered the field. was actually worried. He didn't restrain himself. Though, he was yet to master the skill, that skill is still too powerful! One would just wish to cultivate one form of that skill! Just taking a of it will be a once in a lifetime chance! How destructive and expensive that sword skill might be?

The field was clearing up. They saw a silhouette standing amidst the dust of sands! When he cleared up, they saw Xene and, he was freaking smiling!

'HAHAHA This [Ultra Instinct] is really too powerful of a skill. Hmm, if I were an ordinary person this Royal Dragon could've killed me and, I will be in a pieces.' He thought then, walked calmly towards

Celine, and the people watching had their jaws drop. They felt a little shivering as they were looking to Xene as he walk. It's as if they were seeing a god walking in front of them. The Royal Dragon was also astonished! Yes, this is the Dragon King! Did he dodge those thousand swords? He thought, and wanted to ask Xene.

Xene stopped walking, and he thought, "Maybe, I should finish this already. The people here is giving me a chill. I don't hate them. I just hate it when they gather. Then, better end this." The people saw this, and wondered why he stopped walking. Xene said with a loud voice, "You people should cover your ears." He took a deep breath. After that, he took one step then, he vanished.

was shocked! He saw Xene appeared on his side, and he saw him raising his right hand to his left ear. The Royal Dragon heard, "I'm sorry. We need to end this quick."


A wild and loud snap sound was heard throughout the field! The wind was disrupted by the sound! The wind was running wild! Even one of the guards flew back by 2 meters! He was the weakest guard so, it was expected.

The Royal Dragon can't hear anything anymore. His also began to blur! He felt dizzy. He wanted to approach Xene to thank him for the fight but, when he took one step, he fell! The Royal Dragon of the Kuristine Kingdom actually lost! was The King ordered the guards to bring the Royal Dragon to his room! Yes, it was given to him by the King yesterday. He also ordered one of the guards to get the doctor, and its assistant healer. He told him to heal immediately.

'WHYYY? I wanted the most minimal damage yet, that guy still lost and fell ! I might even kill a person on my sleep! I need to have a limiter! Oh, I can just imagine a limiter!' He muttered to himself as he saw the figure of the King approaches him.

"Your Majesty, we seek help for the welfare of our Kingdom." The King now understand the power of this Dragon King, and as the King of the Kuristine Kingdom he wanted the safety of his people. Xene replied, "Hmmm, I can help but, I don't get it. This world is now peaceful, what would you need my help for?" He replied, "Your Majesty, let's talk to the throne room."

King Solomon told everything to Xene about the prophecy. He knew it will be worth it if he will tell everything. Xene replied, "I will try my best to help you if it did happen 10 years from now."

"Your Majesty, in three months the Imperial Academy will be new students. I think His Majesty will need the knowledge of this world, you just appeared not long ago, right?" The King suggested. How come the King knew that he just came here? He can sense that Xene doesn't know a lot from this world. He added, "You can also learn sword skills, and other type of skills. There are different to attend to. Our Kingdom will provide everything so, you can attend every You will be known as the Crown Prince of Kuristine Kingdom, and my son that has returned from his journey."

"Okay then. I will be attending there." Xene replied with a hint of smile on his face. Learning! He will be able to learn the history of this world! He can also learn skills he will not be relying to [Perfect Copy] for him to obtain skills. He also need battle experiences. The King replied, "Okay, then. His Majesty shall be given the room for the royal family. You can that for 3 months."

'Well, I'll enjoy everything this Capital City have for 3 months. I became royalty! I didn't expect this coming! Oh I almost , the limiter!' He thought then, he imagined how it should work.

[Limiter: Limit Off]. When it is On, the skill associated to the Link will be removed to the , and can't be used. All the copied skills of [Perfect Copy] will also be removed, and can't be used.

Xene muttered, "Limit On."

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