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Chapter 86 : False God

Sovereign of Blood




As Tarun's head fell on the floor, and his body covered the floor with it's crimson red blood, Deepanker at his head which was on the floor, far away from the body.

"You went too far, kid! You should've known how to behave and treat a GOD. There is a dignity...You can't challenge a God's Dignity like that."

Said Deepanker with bloodshot eyes.

The torture he went through for all those years from Yenner was no match for how he suffered in Tarun's hands under the name of 'curing'.

He had no towards an ant like Tarun and he thought that whoever is behind Tarun, would first attack all the other people in this world, and during that , he would get away.

"kekekekek.....A Fool....I thought I could use you but, pity..."

Suddenly a voice came in the extremely silent library which sent a hair raising chill down Deepanker's spine.

Deepanker immediately disappeared from the room and as he did, the library went back to its state.

There was no sign of any headless body, no head, and the floor was also not smeared in any blood. There was only a crimson red book, which was on the floor, shining with red light, and as a gust of wind came out of nowhere, the pages of the book turned and it too, disappeared.


--- On a mountain far away from the Hellsing Academy ---


Deepanker Suddenly appeared on the mountain and he stared towards the of the city with a horrified face.

"Impossible! That voice...and ..."

His mind was in utter as he didn't know why even after achieving the complete godhood, the power to destroy worlds and travel through the space for a limited time, the power to make anyone kneel, he was for some reason still shivering with fear!

He couldn't go to his master Yenner as he can't exactly tell her what he did and as he was still , the atmosphere around the mountain became eerie and the same voice came.

"hmpf!...You really think that you have achieved the pinnacle existence? Really? How naive are you? You really think I wouldn't read your mind? You really think that I can't read your and Just who do you think you are? Well, let me tell you who you are for you."

This voice completely startled Deepanker and he, without any again disappeared from the mountain and appeared in a forest which was exactly on the other side of the

As soon as he appeared there, before he could even breathe a sigh, again a voice came

"Oh! I saw this forest in your memories! Isn't this prohibited for even Gods? well Thank you for bringing me here because I am sure I wouldn't be able to find this in a brief time."

Deepanker was getting by the minute and the pain and fear he experienced in Tarun's torturing was clouding his mind.


Shouted Deepanker in anger as he launched a large-scale lightening spell which for some reason didn't destroy anything in the forest.

"aahahaha....Fool! You think you are some hot-shit? well let me remove that for you...You are nothing, Deepanker Sharma....Absolutely NOTHING!....

But don't worry, I will only destroy your physical body, and preserve your soul...Even you don't know how your soul is!

Oh yes! By the way, you are no God....hehehe...You are just under an enhanced mode of the overdrive of every bloodline in your body...You know what that means? It means that when it wears off, you will be vulnerable, and do you know when this will wear off? NOW!"

Listening to the voice, Deepanker was in disbelief as Tarun knew his true name, and he really was getting very as his entire back was smeared in cold sweat.

Suddenly Deepanker fell on his knees as his eyes became cloudy.

He started breathing heavily and also tried to run in panic but to his surprise, he couldn't even stand up!

As he was thinking of asking help from Yenner, suddenly the entire atmosphere became extremely Red and Deepanker disappeared!


--- In Tarun's Sea of ---

Suddenly Deepanker's body fell on the peak of the eerie mountain which was the largest pocket , kept leaking the deathly aura and as Maria was staring at it from afar, Deepanker's body suddenly disappeared from her sight.

Maria then turned around and with an face, dashed towards the of the center of Tarun's sea of , and found Tarun in the pool of the boiling thick liquid.

"Even a False God....I can't even kill a false..god"

Said Tarun with a smile on his face as Maria wiped a tear from her eyes.

"Master, please! Stop this Madness! You will really die at this rate!"

Tarun, listening to Maria's cries, just stared at the large mountain which had started leaking a terrifying amount of dark aura which was starting to engulf his entire sea of in complete Darkness.

"Madness, in itself, is an agent of chaos. If even a person like me, a deranged psychopath can't it for his advantage, then I might as well just wag my tail in front of those two-bit divinities who think that the continuum belongs to The One and are shit scared to even use their powers even though their existence can kill anyone in it.

Hypocrites are just everywhere, Maria, and you are being one right now.

I am here to take everything and...and I will also sacrifice everything to achieve my goal.

Anyways, my blood, which fell on the library's floor must have alerted all the dogs of this world, thing will get a little interesting so keep a lookout while I deal with 'this'."

Came a voice in the Darkness after which sounds of cracking started to reverberate throughout Tarun's sea of

Suddenly, everywhere in the World of Integra, was in chaos as people were flying from left to right and all the government buildings were glowing in bright golden light as a light beam was being projected from them in the sky.

"Arrest Everyone ! Check everyone thoroughly! There is a Vampire hiding in the city somewhere.

I authorize to use whatever means necessary."

Said a Girl who had a scar on her face which ran through her head and ended up just below her neck.

She was in and white pant-shirt and had short hair on her light brown skin and as the soldiers around her, who were all Monarchs, looked in her brown eyes, an extremely cold chill seeped inside their bodies which froze them at their


--- In Hell ---

Amir was sitting in The Devil's throne, with a greenish with a delighted face while Lucifer himself was making some hand gestures at the wall of his castle and The Count was flying in the sky.

Suddenly all three of them had the look of anger and shouted in their minds telepathically.

"THOSE FOOLS! They have locked the World of Integra from the inside!"

"Destroying their defense wouldn't be a problem but I think that there is more to this and we would be at disadvantage if we blindly attack them."

"But why would they lock it now? Did Tarun did something there? If he did then we can't let them harm him, he is very crucial for ;s revival!"

"What do you guys suggest?"

"Well, the are almost over so let's use our powers to infiltrate the World of Integra and find out for ourselves. But we need to be careful as it was reported that Wingate, with some other friends of his is residing there."

"We can't do that! Those Heavenly Angels are still keeping an eye...Have you what happened at 'that' time?"

"We don't have a choice."

All three were having an argument and after some time, it seemed that they came to a on which everyone agreed.


--- Three Days Later in the World of Integra ---

Everyone again went through a strict check and after three days, the Hellsing Academy also opened.

The Academy was also shining with golden light as a bright light was being projected on it from the sky.

Everyone started coming to the academy and Min-ah was seen standing at the main gate waiting for someone

"Where are you Tarun!?"

Even after waiting for sometime, no one came and Min-ah, sighed heavily after which she started to walk towards her with a straight face and pink eyes.

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