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Chapter 83 : A Standoff

Sovereign of Blood





"That's a pretty nice song."

Complimented Tarun while

Everyone else in the Bar was terrorized by Deepanker's dominative aura which was making hard for them to even breathe, but Tarun on the other hand was calm and composed, as if sitting in front of him is not a god which can disintegrate them by just batting an eyelid but some old friend.

Deepanker stared at Tarun for a long time, and said after breaking a sly smile.

"Thank you."

Deepanker started walking towards the counter, and said to Tarun while sitting on the counter bench.

"Give me your strongest ;

Tarun, without any , started preparing a drink by mixing some other kinds of liquid from different bottles.

"Here, I call it the "Tears of my Youth"."

Said Tarun while presenting a shiny and transparent drink.

Deepanker casually took the drink and sipped it.

After taking a sip, Deepanker stared at the drink for a minute and then consumed it in one go.

"It's Good!"

Praised Deepanker.

This scene was quite astonishing and confusing for Mina, Zell and Anjee who were watching a person far above their level, who is possibly here to investigate Tarun, drinking and some weird and Antique musical device and singing song, while Tarun himself, who was at a lower level then them, was having no problem in the intense suppressive aura of this person.

"You know why I'm here?"

Suddenly asked Deepanker while drinking another drink made by Tarun.

'*Well, It's certainly not because you want my help with your side effects, and removing Yenner's soul *'

Said Tarun telepathically.

'*You're too confident for someone who's dying by the *'

Replied Deepanker telepathically while drinking the drink Tarun was refilling.

'*Dying? hahaha....that's a joke. If Dying was that easy for me, then I wouldn't be standing here. *'

'*It's all joke until a reaper touches your soul and you go to hell. *'

'*Hell? Yea, been a while since I went there. I wonder what's happening there right now.*'

'*Hmm? You want to go to hell so bad? Well, I should help you then! *'

'*You will get no benefit killing me, now will you? But if you join hands with me....*'


--- In Hell ---

The standoff between Amir and Lucifer was already very intense and all the fallen angels had to back away.

Even backed away since he had lost his divinity and wouldn't be able to withstand the shockwave created by the of a celestial god and a fallen prince of darkness.

The standoff between them had already reached a level where they both had released their full aura which had destroyed half the Hell.

As everyone was watching this from the side, suddenly they moved and were about to when a light appeared between them, stopping both their attacks.

The white light which stopped them started to grow bigger and brighter and then suddenly turned into a heavenly angel with 12 white wings and a goddess like beauty.

The Angel was floating in a transparent bubble, and as her eyes fell on the hawk, a shred of fear appeared in her eyes as if she suddenly remembered something and then while looking at Amir and Lucifer, said

"Greetings Emperor, Greetings Brother Abaddon."

"Greetings ! My I know what are you doing in a wretched like this?"

Said Amir with a noble and gentlemanly etiquette.

Lucifer, on the contrary seemed displeased and "humphed" while saying

"Gabriel! How many times have I told you to not address me with that name!"

It seemed as if Gabriel was about to say something with a coy smile when suddenly The Count started flying towards them.

As soon as she saw the hawk flying towards her, a clear sign of fear appeared in her eyes as she backed away a little and suddenly the Hell's atmosphere completely tore apart and a blinding of white light came, and with it came a very Handsome Man with 12 wings, and as he came, he immediately stood in front of Gabriel while facing the hawk.

"Gavreel, One of The Supremes, Greets Sire Tepes."

It seemed as if these Angels revered even when they knew that he was not as powerful as before.

"And Now you are here too? Since when did you guys started to pay in my realm! Who do you think you are? Coming to my un-announced and stopping my attack! Are you looking for a war!"

Shouted Lucifer in a displeased manner.

The Supremes were all God's angels and even Lucifer was once a part of them.

As he shouted at the two angels, they too took a defensive stance, showing that they won't tolerate a challenge on their dignity.

'*Good going guys, Everything's going as *'

Said telepathically which sounded in both, Lucifer and Amir's mind.


--- In Zell's Hell ---

'*You just have to do this, now, the is that do you trust me?*'

Said Tarun to Deepanker telepathically while the latter was still drinking whatever Tarun presented.

'*Even you won't profit anything by killing me, and if you do betray me, Yenner herself will come to investigate and you will be caught and experimented on like a Guinee pig.

So yeah, I think I will 'trust' you.*'

'*Good! Now, I want a complete on Maya Camazotz and Merideth Camazotz.

Get me that and we will get started. The rest I will ask after we finish this.*'

'*You will have it the day you come to the Academy*'

Replied Deepanker as he finished his drink and then turned around without even at anyone, and left.

As he left, his voice came from the outside.

"His background checks out. Go and investigate others, while I have to return to office for some emergency work."

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