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Chapter 78 : Cruze Organization

Sovereign of Blood





--- In an Unknown ---

This was extremely dark, to the point where even glistening light from Lucifer's rings could not be seen.

Lucifer and Count were both in this and suddenly came the voice of The Devil

"Amir's -Radiant disappeared from the Universe."

"Yeah, He must have moved his in a different universe! But why though? What was so threatening that he had to move a ;

"Well, He is to raid hell and get my Hellfire! A Fool, he really thinks that what Tarun told him could help him get my Hellfire. He is looking at a war. A war which can disintegrate this universe."

"What are you going to do?"

"What am I going to do? Well fight him of on Amir! Let's see what you got!"

"The Supremes will definitely interfere..."

"hah...They won't be stupid enough to come in the 'Gate to the One' behind us, now would they? kekekeke"


--- In Hellsing Academy ---

All the were over and Tarun went to Sir Patrick's office with a little disappointment as Deepanker didn't came to teach today.

"You asked for me, Sir?"

"Ah, Yes! Come in Tarun"

Tarun came inside of Sir Patrick's office and just stood there in the middle of the office.

Sir Patrick didn't even asked him to sit and just continued to do his work on a memory pellet.

2 Hours passed and Tarun was just standing there.

The weird thing about the office was, that the gravity of the office was increasing every 5 minutes and in 2 hours, it got to the point where no origin deity could stand in it.

It didn't look like Tarun was having a hard time standing there as he was like a statue.

Sir Patrick then rolled his eyes and saw that Tarun was standing there without breaking any sweat, and hence he said

"Oh! Why are you standing? Sit sit...I just got lost in the work, sorry about that"

"No problem."

Replied Tarun as if he didn't mind.

Tarun then sat on a chair and the gravity of the room became normal again.

"You know why you are here?"

"Yes, Because I bunked the school yesterday."

"What? I don't care about that! You are here because I don't know about your and Min-ah's origin.

I tried to look into you but I found that you are from beyond the sea, from some unknown Then I tried to find the origin of Min-ah and found that her is locked! ha! What bullshit! Even Me? A Monarch can't her What is so secretive about her?

And if you know her form the past, does that mean she is from your but then why didn't the academy locked your info?"

Tarun saw this coming and had already prepared an answer for it.

"Sir, what you are asking can threaten yours as well as my life too."

Sir Patrick smirked on Tarun's answer and snapped his fingers.

The entire room suddenly became dark and Sir Patrick said with a smile

"No one can hear us now. All the devices and magic are diverted."

'Hermes, you it?'

~ Yes Master, Saved as "Muted ; ~

"Well sir, the thing is--"


--- In a Dark ---

6 People were just sitting in a circle with their eyes closed when suddenly one of them opened his eyes which were giving off a blinding of red light.

"The Ode of The Lord....It's near the Hell"

"We aren't strong enough now...But we will rise again...our lord...The True Lord will rise and we Blood Lords....The..Anarchy"


--- Outside of Sir Patrick's Office ---

Tarun came out of the office and straight up went to his to find Min-ah still waiting for him.

"Let me drop you home!"

Said Tarun while Patting Min-ah's Head

"Why did Sir Patrick called you?"

Asked Min-ah while walking outside of the

Tarun walked side by side to her and said

"Nothing, he just wanted to warn me about bunking"


Said Min-ah with a pout.

Tarun just kissed her cheek lovingly and went to drop her home.

After walking for a while, they reached a Big , which was secured from every corner Tarun could see.

"Don't worry, here take this ring. As long as you have this ring, you can freely come here anytime."

Min-ah gave Tarun a silver ring which Tarun put in his pocket.


~ On it Master ~

As Min-ah went towards the door of the , it suddenly opened and there was an extremely beautiful lady in blue saree, standing at the door.

Her beauty was otherworldly and her demeaner was Icy.

As soon as she noticed Tarun, she was petrified. She couldn't speak anything, nor could she move. She just stood there at the door like a statue while her eyes started to glisten with tears and turn pink.

"Ah Aunt Lu, look who is here!"

Said Min-ah as she ran to her Aunt and then rushed inside the Manor.

Shin Lu, who was still petrified, got awoken from her daze by Min-ah and turned to look towards her as she ran inside the Manor.

As Shin Lu turned around again, She saw Tarun standing extremely close to her, to the point where their nose collided when she turned.

She tried to back away on instinct but Tarun caught her waist and pulled her in while giving her an extremely kiss.

A tear fell from Shin Lu's eyes as she closed her eyes tightly.

She was shocked and confused at what just happened but she couldn't push Tarun away, and on the contrary kissed him back as her tears were not stopping in the least.

Her longing for Tarun was also very tortures as Min-ah could still to her about Tarun ignoring her but she, she couldn't even do that and instead, just suffer in silence.

Tarun used his hands and very gently wiped her tears when suddenly a sound of running footsteps came from the behind.

"Tarun come he-...Aunt Lu, where is he?"

Asked Min-ah as she came out running to find her Aunt Lu just standing on the door with red eyes while Tarun was nowhere to be found.

'*I'll see you around, My Shin Lu*'

Came a voice in Shin Lu's mind after which she broke into a sweet smile.




"So this is the Cruze ;

Said Tarun as he saw an extremely large skyscraper standing in the center of the city.

Tarun didn't came to drop Min-ah, but came here because this building was just behind Min-ah's

"So the people who brought Shin Lu and Min-ah here, the people who are experimenting with the bloodlines, and the people who are hiding the I need are.......Nice."

Said Tarun while with the coin in his hands.

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