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Chapter 76 : My Everything Belongs to You

Sovereign of Blood




Tarun reached the Bar with Min-ah and immediately took her to his room from the backdoor of the Bar.

Mina was just looking after Anjee a little while ago and as she was going out of her room, she noticed Tarun take a girl in his own room.

As they reached the room, Min-ah again started to ask all the about where he was and how did he get here when Tarun suddenly kissed her again in between of her

After getting kissed by Tarun again, Min-ah was quite for some time before she again tried to enquire about Tarun's past

"Show me your Memories! I want to see it. I know you are hiding something from me! Something painful enough for you to ignore all my telepathic attempts to talk to you, something painful enough for you to lose your glowing smile. Show me Tarun, I want to know what exactly happened to you. What changed you so much?"

Tarun couldn't possibly show her his memories! It had sufferings...sufferings of the level that if even 1% of those are even shown to Min-ah, she would lose her sanity! He can't possibly show her his torturous punishments for his sins that could even break the soul of a Century Sinner.

Not only that, He had many secrets in the depths of his mind that even can't read and if Min-ah were to know them, it would be far easy for The Count to just read her memories and know about Tarun's

Tarun ignored her and again started to kiss her while removing her top.

As he removed her top, Min-ah's heart started to beat ! He started to fondle and kiss her breasts while Min-ah, in embarrassment, turned completely red.

"You really want to know everything? You want to know what I did? It was me that devoured that entire Rain empire!"

As Tarun told her that, he started moving his hand all around her body, Min-ah, as if knew this, didn't seem too shocked but had a pained on her face. It seemed like her anxiety slowly and slowly wore off as she too removed Tarun's shirt which turned into a puddle of blood after hitting the ground and got absorbed in him.

Min-ah too started to kiss Tarun's body as she started from his chest and slowly and slowly went towards his waist.

Tarun, at this moment, stripped the remaining clothes on Min-ah's body and as he did that, Min-ah hugged him tightly out of embarrassment.

Tarun, very gently ran his fingers through her hair and slowly and slowly, his pants too turned into blood and got absorbed into him.

"There is no existence which is more evil than me, my dear Min-ah! Are you absolutely sure that it is me who you want?"

Asked Tarun with a whisper in her ears.

"Then I will share your evil….we will both, together share the sufferings that may come in the future.."

Now, Min-ah and Tarun were both completely naked and in embrace of each other.

Tarun noticed Min-ah's and started to caress her face while lying her down on the bed.

He started kissing her everywhere from her cherry petal like lips to her smooth and slender legs.

Min-ah, who was feeling a little embarrassed, closed her eyes and held Tarun tightly, as if she were to loosen her embrace, Tarun would disappear.

As Tarun was kissing and fondling Min-ah on her entire body, she too slowly and slowly moved her hands which ran through his entire body and started to stroke his thick pulsating boner.

Tarun then went down a little and started licking Min-ah's soft and wet pussy, while Min-ah started to moan a little.

As Min-ah and Tarun were making each other feel good, Tarun said in Min-ah's ears very lightly

"Are you ready, My Love?"

Min-ah, at this , closed her eyes tightly and nodded in a shy manner.


Suddenly a moan slipped from her lips as Tarun her pussy and a little blood started to come out.

Min-ah was a virgin and a virgin's blood was the most craved thing for a Vampire!

Tarun's eyes glowed with a terrifyingly deep red light and when Min-ah looked at Tarun's sharp canines which were ready to tear anything down for blood, she held Tarun's face and kissed him!

Her tongue, once again, got hurt by his canines and a pure stream of blood went down his throat.

Min-ah, who had a tear drop at the corner of her eyes, smiled at Tarun and said to him in a low voice

"My Love...My Blood....My Body....My Soul....My Everything belongs to you...Tarun."

This line, as if touched some strings in Tarun's heart, made his eyes glisten. He hugged Min-ah tightly and started loving her intensely.


--- In a Lab ---

"Sir, Gavin's Life force was last detected near Zell's Hell."

"Really? He disappeared in the target's territory? Then there is a possibility of them knowing about us.

Both the Zell's owner are Mystic Deities, right?"

"Yes Sir! 2 Mystic Deities, and several Saint Deities as guards."

"Hmm...Interesting, if they are able to subdue Gavin, then there is a high possibility that they themselves have cracked the Dual Bloodline ! I am sure of it! There is no Demi-God on this that is not registered and none of them have anything to do with Zell's Hell.

Yeah, this is the only logical

Now Listen what you have to do."


--- In Tarun's Room ---

Tarun was cuddling in Min-ah's embrace while Min-ah was caressing his hairs.

"The one who hunted my mother....."

Suddenly said Min-ah with a little heavy voice.

"The one who hunted my mother were werewolves."

Tarun, at this sudden was not shocked at all and just kept cuddling with Min-ah.

"You breached the security of this world, which means you at least have a God who helped you."

Again said Min-ah while caressing his hairs.

"Help? God? Any God who will even come closer to this world, will loathe the day they ascended to godhood.

This World atleast has 2 Celestial Gods or the people of even higher realm, and no one helps anyone without a mutual benefit and if they do, they are doomed to get backstabbed and perish in the darkness."

Replied Tarun with his eyes closed.

Min-ah was silent for a while at Tarun's answer, after which she again asked

"Why did y-"

Tarun didn't even let her complete her and suddenly kissed her on the lips.

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