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Chapter 66 : Found You!

Sovereign of Blood




Tarun was engulfed in and as his turned liquid to protect him, the liquid immediately vaporized and the vanished along with Tarun.


Suddenly Tarun appeared in a large library with books all around!

"You like literature?"

Came a casual voice from a person who was sitting on a chair near the window and reading a book.

He was wearing spectacles and had curly hairs. His green eyes were always on the book which was in his right hand while from the left hand, he was sipping tea.

This man looked extremely normal but when Tarun tried to gauge his powers, his Divine senses got burnt!


Tarun on the floor while coughing mouthful of blood!

The man sitting on the chair didn't even spared Tarun a and just kept reading.

"I do, actually!"

replied Tarun as he got up while wiping the crystal red blood off his mouth!

"You do? Ah yes, you had many literary geniuses on earth...oh on hell too! Quite a few of them are in hell for ;

Said the Man with an of as if he was trying to think too hard.

"Let's not get into that topic!"

Replied Tarun with a laugh.

"Why are you really here?"

Suddenly said the man with a

"I need your help"

Replied Tarun with a face as well.

"What help? If needs my help, he can personally come. He doesn't have to send a kid."

"Who said I came here to ask help for him?"

The man sitting on the chair was turning the page of his book and as he heard Tarun's answer, he paused for a couple and then smiled while taking off his spectacles

"You want me to help you get vengeance on my own friend for what his friend did to an unknown like you? You know you are indeed special to not lose your sanity in those years but you know, I don't have much of empathy towards some random Vampire.

Also, tell Lucifer to get the hell out of my or I will bring chaos to his."

Tarun, listening to his answer, didn't say anything for some time and after a long pause said

"Ode of Alucard"

As soon as the man heard this, he became petrified!

after a minute, he shut his book close and put it on the side table.

"I don't need you to get vengeance for me, I don't want you to give me anything! What I want from you is extremely easy for you to give."

Said Tarun while taking out a red and book from his pocket

The man got up from his chair and received the book from Tarun with both hands after which he again went to his chair and started reading the first page.

That book was not big but the man still kept reading the first page for about 3 hours.

After 3 hours, he closed the book and said with a smile

"Amir, Call me Amir. My name is Amir and I am the Emperor."


--- In Blood-River City of Thunder Empire---

In front of Shin family home, a man completely covered in gray robes was standing with a wooden conical hat on his head.

He had a stick in his hand and he looked to be quite old from his eyes as his face was also completely covered in a grey veil

"Found You!"

Said the man with a very hoarse voice.


--- Back in Amir's library ---

"Hahahaha.....a Hawk! Whose shitty idea was it to put your in a hawk? I would've put it in a slug!"

Laughed Amir at the hawk sitting on his window.

Tarun was sitting at the where Amir was sitting and reading book while lucifer was sitting on a sofa near the bookshelves.

After laughing heartily, Amir said

"Anyways, help me acquire the 12th celestial and I'll help!"

Amir completely ignored Lucifer who was just sitting behind him and asked for Lucifer's hellfire, which was the 12th celestial !

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