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Chapter 60 : The Chaos will Arrive

Sovereign of Blood





Tarun was shocked beyond words but he still kept his composure and went past him.

"Hey, Wait!"

Came a sudden voice from Tarun's back making him come to a stop.

"Ah sorry for suddenly stopping you but can you help me? I just came here and I think I my Id Card. Can you tell me where the tournament committee is so I can request a new one?"

Said the man who resembled Manan quite a bit.

"Oh? Don't worry too much dude! Let me call Siwa for you, he is the in-charge here."

Replied Tarun in a very friendly tone.

"Thanks Man! Appreciate it. Tell you what, you are a really nice guy."

"Ah, Well I too just came here yesterday and don't really know anyone else"

Tarun and Manan started chatting and it looked like they knew each other from many years.

After Siwa came, he helped Manan search for his card first and Tarun returned to his room.

'Even their names are the same! This...'

Thought Tarun as his face reverted to his usual face.

'Mikkel, there is a little change of !'

Said Tarun in his head as he went towards a window and started gazing at the Emperor's


--- The Next Day ---

The tournament still had one day to go and hence many people were touring the city and buying some new things they had never seen before.

Tarun also went towards the market but instead of buying anything, he went to eat at the restaurant he was at yesterday.

As soon as Tarun entered the Restaurant, he noticed that there were already way too many people here.

It Looked like quite a few new participants came and Tarun, ignoring all of them just went straight towards the

The was already very busy and didn't noticed Tarun's arrival. Tarun silently went towards her and taped on the counter.

"Ah Sorry Sir, we don't have any more free tables"

Said the while taking a quick of courtesy towards the customer but as soon as she finished her sentence, her pupils and she instantly straitened her neck to see Tarun standing there with a warm smile.

"Hi Suzy! remember me?"

Said Tarun with a smile

Suzy, who was the was surprised and mesmerized by Tarun for a and in that moment, Tarun took out an earring and put it on the counter

"This is my payment for yesterday's meal! You will only get the one if you feed me today too."

Said Tarun with a wink.

Suzy was amused and took the earing in her hands and as soon as she inspected it, she was so socked that she dropped it on the counter again.

"Origin....Origin Level Support Artifact!"


She didn't know how Tarun got his hands on such a valuable item and better yet, why was he giving it to her?

An origin level artifact was nothing in the Saint Deity's eyes but for the commoners, it was a rare treasure.

Suzy was still in a Spiritual deity realm and couldn't control any origin level item unless it was made for her and these earrings were exactly that.

"I told you I would either pay by a magic artifact or by magic stones.

Now if you want the other one then you better treat me to some good food!"

Suzy was confused and Happy at the same time.

She didn't know what to do and was frozen for a couple before coming back to herself and asking in a very worried tone

"You didn't do some-"

"I am hungry!"

Interrupted Tarun with a pout.

Suzy looking at this chuckled and then took Tarun to the V.I.P corner.

What Tarun gave her was indeed very valuable and hence she felt obliged to treat Tarun with great care.

The V.I.P lounge was quite Big and the floor was burning with very peculiar blues and purple


~ On it, Master ~


--- In a Burning Forest ---

"Amir changed the array! You think he will help us?"

Came a voice from deep inside the forest

"He must have gotten the news that I escaped from my seal so he could be expecting me."

Said a Hawk sitting on a tree branch.


--- In an Unknown ---

Bright and golden were burning fiercely as if they could burn anything in the universe!

A Silhouette of a Man was sitting inside of the and suddenly a voice came from the fire

"The Chaos is Coming....The Inevitable will happen...."

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