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Chapter 59 : A Free Meal

Sovereign of Blood





--- After 20 Hours ---

The Tournament still had 41 hours to start and hence Tarun exited his room.

He ran through all the contents of the Purple card given to him by Siwa and quickly learnt the language and the basic common knowledge of this world.

Although there was no night, The day still shifted every 24 Hours, the same as the Cyan-phoenix world.

As Tarun went out of his room, he noticed many people crowding up at a He did not need to go there to know about the cause of the as he knew what it was all about

"Sir, our friend Eldridge is nowhere to be found"

"Hey! You guys got to find Eldridge or his father will kill all of us"

A group of people were shouting at an attendant who was assigned to take care of their stay.

He was in a very bad because many people were staring at him and he had no way to respond to the friends of this guy called Eldridge.

"WHAT!! Eldridge disappeared?"

Came a voice from a girl who just entered the building after roaming around the city.

Tarun just ignored them and exited the building without attracting any

He went towards the city and noticed that around 6 people were following him. He just ignored them and started checking out this city. This was the "City of Lord" where the Emperor resided and the could be seen by everyone in the city as it was entirely made up of and was floating in the sky. It was like a mini sun and as Tarun looked at it and tried to use his divine vampiric senses to scan it , he was interrupted by something.

After trying to find what was blocking his divine senses, he said in his head

'Hermes, Scan'

~ Scan interrupted! Can't scan the ~

'Try to find the source of ! Scan the entire city if you have to'

Tarun then started to roam around the city which was very peculiar.

Many looked ancient and many looked modern. There were some structures which were very weird and after roaming the city, he went to a restaurant.

He didn't immediately go to eat but first went to the of this restaurant.

" Sir, how may I help You?"

Said the lady which was sitting on the restaurant's counter.

She first didn't notice Tarun's face clearly but when Tarun came near her and stared in her eyes, it was as if her entire world had changed! Her heartbeat started to rise and face was flushed pink.

She was thoroughly mesmerized by Tarun's presence and when Tarun noticed the change, He said with a smile in a very polite voice

"Hello , I just came to your world and don't have the currency of your world. Can I pay you in any different way like energy stones or maybe a magic artifact?"

The was indeed mesmerized by Tarun but she was still someone who was a Spiritual Deity and dealt with V.I.Ps daily because this restaurant was in the "City of the Lord" and was one of the big ones.

She ran her eyes on Tarun from bottom to top and noticed that he was wearing no special clothing, had no special rings or artifacts and had absolutely no weapons. She immediately assumed Tarun to be a broke person as he was giving off the aura of a Level 4 Magus and gave an embarrassed smile as she needed to reject him to the restaurant's rule or hand him over to the authorities if he had already eaten.

Tarun gave a helpless sigh after noticing her and turned around to leave.


Suddenly said the

"You...You don't need to pay! It's on the house."

Tarun gave a delighted smile after hearing that and then followed her to the dining area.

He ordered almost every delicacy there and started to eat at his heart's content. The was keeping an eye on him and didn't seem to mind the fact that she was feeding an unknown person with her own money.

After finishing the food, Tarun chatted with her a little about the "City of the Lord" and then left with a smile.

Although Tarun was smiling very contently a ago, but as soon as he exited the restaurant, his face became again.

Tarun then went to the market and bought a storage bracelet with 100 Cubic meters of space which was one of the most rare and expensive spatial artifacts of the -Radiant

Tarun actually had everything he would need in this world from Lucifer and hence had enough money to buy that kind of artifact over and over again.

'How many people?'

Said Tarun in his mind

~ 309 People scanned ! Transferring the defragmented of their memories now... ~

Tarun then started walking towards his building which was housing all the participants and as he went in, he noticed that all the earlier had calmed down. It never really mattered to him anyways and so started to walk towards his own room when suddenly he noticed someone which made his pupils shrink fiercely.


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