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Chapter 57 : 2 Years Later

Sovereign of Blood





--- 2 Years Later, In the depths of Hell ---



Many voices of wailing pain came before completely disappearing in the depths of hell.

Suddenly a very large demon awakened from the wailings of the lesser demons. This demon was larger than a mountain and as soon as he got awakened, all the demons and wandering souls in the area tried to run away but they all got sucked in his mouth which was like a whirlpool.


Suddenly came a voice after which a line golden appeared on the Demon's neck!

The demon instantly exploded from his neck and with it died all the dwellers in the surrounding.

As the calmed down.

There was a figure standing on the remains of the many demons.

The surrounding area was burning fiercely and even the clouds were in

In so much , the figure was standing without flinching. His long hairs were tied in a bun and he was wearing a completely white dress.

His eyes were completely red and if anybody were to stare, they would feel their soul getting lost in a bottomless abyss.

His body was tall and slender and had a fair skin while a wooden stick was in his hands.

'*Good job, Tarun! you have defeated a peak saint level demon with ease after just stepping in the Saint realm yourself not too long ago.*'

Came a voice from a hawk which was flying behind him.

Tarun, whose face had no just turned around and left without throwing a at the hawk.

'*Today is your last day in the hell, how are you feeling? Excited for your trip to the -Radiant world? *'

Asked the Hawk.

Tarun, at this stopped, and then started to walk again without giving any answer.

'*You have some guts to ignore Me, the Impaler!*'

Said the Hawk again.

Tarun while ignoring the hawk, went towards a very large castle which was visible from every of the hell.

There were many dwellers in his way but they all ran after they saw Tarun!

The dwellers, who have seen all kinds of torture, actually got scared of Tarun. As Tarun saw them, many started to wither away at a rapid speed which frightened the rest even more.

After slowly and slowly walking towards the castle, He finally reached the gate which opened on their own and when he stepped inside of the castle, a very friendly voice came

"Oh hey Tarun! I see you are back, come come, look what I prepared for you for your fight in the -Radiant Tournament! A New set of daggers! You like them, right? Hey , where are you flying, come here and look at these!"

Listening to the person who was Lucifer, the Hawk flew towards him and started to examine the Daggers.

Tarun, on the other hand ignored the daggers completely and went towards the main Hall.

After reaching the main hall, he said with a very low tone

"Let's go"

As soon as he said this, a big large portal appeared in front of Tarun and a bright crystal started burning in his hands

"Hey! Why are you using God stones when I am here?"

The Devil in a very unhappy voice but Tarun ignoring him, stepped inside of the portal.

Behind him, too flew and in the last, Lucifer also rushed in.


Suddenly the portal closed and in a different world, which was burning even brighter than the sun, a portal opened!

There were Many portal which were opening in that area and hence it didn't stand out that much but One person which was registering the people coming from the portal noticed a golden hue around one of the portal which gave him a huge shock!

He immediately rushed towards that portal and as he reached it,

A very graceful and handsome man stepped out from it! His hairs were tied in a Bun and he was wearing no rings, had no weapons and instead was wearing a very normal looking white robes.

Many people started to laugh at him as in contrast to him, whoever came to this burning was wearing many types of armors, had many rings of different use and had some really sharp and scary weapons.

Many laughed at Tarun but there were some who looked at him with a solemn as they noticed the light golden hue coming from his portal.

" esteemed guest! My name is Siwa. I am the in charge of receiving people from other worlds. May I know what your name is?"

Asked the person who came to receive Tarun.


Said Tarun with a very low voice.

"Are you here to take part in the -Radiant Tournament?"

Asked the person very timidly


Replied Tarun with a very low voice again.

Siwa immediately started doing something in his notebook and Tarun started observing this world.

This -Radiant world was created by the Emperor, Amir and it was always on fire. The were only high enough to completely engulf a person's feet but they were not burning anything.

Tarun suddenly spotted a firefly near him and started to walk towards it and extended his hand. But before his hands could reach the firefly, the firefly flew towards Tarun and exploded!

Everyone was startled by the sudden and saw towards Tarun's and suddenly many people in red robes also appeared beside Tarun

"Are you okay?"

Tarun nodded to their before shifting his gaze towards a group of people who were laughing hysterically.

"Damm!! Bro, your mind control has reached new heights!! You can even explode the animals you control!?"

Siwa also saw this and hurriedly rushed towards Tarun

"Sir, We are extremely sorry that this happened! He is the son of Demi-God Imperyon and so we can't arrest him now but we will surely alert the higher ups and they will get them punished"

"It's okay"

Said Tarun looking towards the person who exploded the firefly.

"Lead the way"

Said Tarun after shifting his gaze towards Siwa and started walking behind him while noticing the surrounding.

This was indeed burning with golden blue from everywhere and it also had large modern buildings. When Siwa noticed that Tarun was not startled by anything he saw even though this was his first visit to the , He became even more respectful towards Tarun.


--- In the field ---

The guy who had exploded the firefly was laughing with his friends as an attendant was registering him and his friends.

"Hey, look there! another firefly! Young master, try to control that!"


The 'Young master' tried to control the 'firefly' and the 'firefly' too came near him but as soon as he snapped his fingers, on the contrary to his , the firefly didn't explode but kept coming in his

He tried snapping a few more time but when the firefly came near him, he got scared and shouted!

As soon as he shouted, he that it was all a dream as he was just spaced out for some time while looking in the Tarun was standing and there was no other firefly.

His sudden shout got the of everyone around him and as they were staring at him, he felt a little embarrassed and tried to laugh it off but as soon as he laughed, He Exploded!


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