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Chapter 55 : The Elixir of One

Sovereign of Blood




Lucifer took Tarun straight to his Dinning hall which had a very long dining table which was filled with delicacies.

Lucifer sat on one end of the table while Tarun on the other.

"Eat to your heart's content!"

Tarun was already overwhelmed and exhausted from all the shit he had been through in past somedays and hence without reserve, he started eating.

'* How dare you eat like an animal while being a Noble? *'

Suddenly came the voice of the Count.

The Count was still a Count and his angry voice sent shivers down Tarun's spine!

He immediately complied with ;s as he was teaching him the Table etiquettes of a Noble.

All the delicacies that were present on the Dining table tasted heavenly! Tarun had never tasted such tasty food.

After 2 hours, when he had eaten quite a lot of food and drank much of the blood wine.

"So? Full?"

Asked the Devil


Responded Tarun very timidly

It looked like Tarun was about to say something when suddenly a gut-wrenching pain assaulted his stomach!

Tarun on the floor while clenching his stomach as a very horrifying pain started to well up in his stomach and it started to move to his other body parts.

As the pain reached his heart, Tarun coughed a mouthful of Blood on the floor.

'*This is 'The Elixir of One', the most potent poison in the history*'

Suddenly came the voice of the Count!

Tarun was already on the floor suffering the unbelievable pain of the most potent poison ever!

Although he knew that these old bastards have done something so the poison won't kill him but still, the kind of sadistic things they were doing to him, even his enemies wouldn't do that.

Lucifer, watching Tarun wailing in pain flicked his fingers and Tarun's world instantly changed as he fell into a pool of blood! This blood was way different than the one he had devoured in the Cyan-phoenix world as this was way too pure and powerful.

Just one dip and Tarun's skin started to rapidly heal but the poison started to burn his insides.

He dived deep in the pool of blood and started consuming a large amount of it when suddenly The Count's voice fell in his ears again.

'* What did I tell you? Drinking blood like a hungry dog? Just sit at the bottom of the pool cross-legged and absorb it by the techniques I taught you *'

Tarun was at loss as his insides were rapidly burning and The Count was still making things difficult for him.

He was beginning to understand why these two were the most feared and hated Existences in the Multiverse.

He anyhow still complied with The Count and swam to the bottom of the pool and sat cross-legged there. As Tarun started to absorb the blood with The Count's guidance, a very large whirlpool was created in the pool as Tarun started to consume the blood at an insane speed!

The poison was still effecting him but the blood was healing him rapidly as the pool of Blood never ran out of the blood no matter how much Tarun absorbed and this process went for who knows how long before the Poison's effect started to slow down.


--- In an unknown room ---

"A Vampire?"

Said a Person with an amused smile on his face.

"Yes, Father!"

Said Ashwin as he was bowing down towards the Man.


--- On a which burning even brighter than the Sun itself! ---

"How are the going?"

Asked a silhouette of a man staring out of his window

" are going as , Lord Emperor."

Replied a Man who was kneeling down on the ground.

"Be extra careful this time, a few of my old friends might come."

Said the silhouette.


--- In the pool of Blood ---

'* Good, just like this...keep checking the blood for impurities and then absorbing it. You are doing good. *'

As Tarun was getting the hang of absorbing the blood, many kinds of creatures suddenly showed up in the blood which tried to go in Tarun's body. The Count then taught Tarun how to purify the blood just before absorbing which slowed down Tarun's quite a bit and the Poison became dominant again.




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