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Chapter 56 : This is Nothing!

Sovereign of Blood




'*, Do you think 'The One' will interfere with our *'

'*Why would 'The Supremes' interfere with the fate of the lower They don't even interfere when even the God realms are getting destroyed! *'

'*Well, this time it's both you and me who are making a move, they know what we have done...and what we are capable of doing! *'

'*Don't worry, I am still in my soul form, they know I can't bring much harm to their multiverse, yet. *'




After a lot of time, Tarun had again gained the upper hand in subduing the poison and had numb to its pain.

He was very skillfully controlling the blood without even showing a pained on his neutral face.

"So, you can deal with pain now, eh?"

Said The Devil with a laugh

"This is nothing!"

replied Tarun.

He had already suffered the burning and freezing of Hellfire, the most potent poison in the history and the continuous Mental torture of the and was pretty confident that there was no pain that can make his change.

"Oh really?"

the Devil with a little excitement on his face.

'*You shouldn't have said that*'

Said the Count with a sigh.

What was that? Even The Count sighed? Tarun suddenly started to have a really bad feeling as he said in hurry

"I am joking, Sir Lucif-"

"Too Late!"

said The Devil as he snapped his fingers!

Suddenly fissures started to appear in the surrounding air and from the fissures, came out some very giant and hideous demons.

Tarun, looking at the demons sighed and got ready to fight them but he suddenly received a mind attack which made his limbs useless.

The Demons, who Tarun thought will eat him started to come towards him as their penis started to get erect!

Looking at this, Tarun

"Anything but that!"

The demons were already twice the size of Tarun and as they came near Tarun, even said

'*Enough Lucifer, let the kid go. This doesn't suit us nobles. *'

"*Nope! He needs to understand what true pain and suffering is...the most dreadful mental torture...I will make sure he suffers EVERY kind of pain and torture in this entire Multiverse! I will make sure he suffers even more than the Century Sinners! *"

Tarun tried to move but because the mind attack had already rendered his limbs useless, he could just watch in freight as the demons got nearer and nearer and finally reached him.

Tarun, the person with one of the most bloodline in all existences, the one who was the heir of one of the most powerful and feared race was about to get brutally ravaged by some hell dwellers.

Tarun closed his eyes as one of the demon picked him up and started to rape him. Tarun's stomach burst open from the Demon's penis but because of his regenerative abilities, he started to quickly heal again.

Suddenly all of the demons started to have their way with Tarun as some used his mouth and some his anal hole.

This ravaging completely broke Tarun apart and his mental fortitude, which he made from the continuous pain from the past torturers got completely crushed.





--- In an unknown jungle ---

"Come on people, Her Highness has said that the person we need to catch has gone towards the Abyss of Disparity! Alert the assassins, they shall start their search in that ;

"Abyss of Disparity? isn't that the unexplored where even Monarchs don't dare to go?"

"Don't worry, we don't need to go to the abyss, the person we are searching for is a 16 years old kid, he can't go to that Abyss."

"Ha! Once I catch him, I will show him what true disparity is!..hahaha"





--- In the lowest Depths of Hell ---

After all the demons had their way with Tarun, they left him in the puddle of their saliva, blood and semen.

Tarun was still unable to move his limbs and after what the demons had done with him, he just lied there,

The luster in his eyes had already gone and every happy memory in his mind was now tainted.

"Tired already? You still have one and a half year here, get ready for even more fun in the future....I shall show you all the different types of tortures in all the different worlds!"

Said The Devil while laughing hysterically!

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