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Chapter 54 : Burning the Curse

Sovereign of Blood




was continuously teaching Tarun the etiquettes of a Noble while Tarun's soul was being burnt by the hellish He already had many unanswered which welled up his and The Count, on top of that was teaching him "The way of the Noble".

Tarun was on the verge of a mental breakdown with this kind of torture and The Count, fully knowing the of his mind still continued with his teachings!

"I think he has suffered enough, let him now!"

Suddenly came a voice of the Devil which made Tarun shiver!

He knew that there is no way this is going to end and it will be something to Abhishek's mind's and just as Tarun was thinking that, all the lava around him turned into ice.

Tarun was already unable to control his body and now in the temperature in which even his vampiric blood would freeze, just lied on the Icey rock and let the coldness seep into his bones.

His body completely froze like a statue and he was desperately fighting the coldness to save his soul.

"Don't Faint...Don't Faint...Don't Faint...Don't Faint...."




After an unknown time had passed, the mumbling from Tarun had quieted down and it looked like that he was dead but he still had a faint heartbeat which was beating very slowly...just like that of an animal in

"Time to put you in real Hellfire, Boy!"

Came the voice of Lucifer.

Tarun was already numb to every kind of pain by now and didn't had any control to react either, he just let himself be thrown into a pit of red and white

These were totally different from any normal as these had both, the freezing cold and the burning hot temperature at the same time which burnt Tarun's Body and then froze it, and then again burnt it and then froze it.

It was not only destroying his body inside out, but also his soul!

His soul was in an incredible pain and he didn't know what would happen if a sinner like him would die inside of Hell!

The curse had already been burnt off by Lucifer's Hellfire but his body was also being destroyed by the hellfire too!

All the body hairs of Tarun's body were first to go, then his limbs started to vaporize and the pain of all of this was excruciating.

He wanted to shout in pain but he wasn't even able to control his mouth!

"Eat this"

Suddenly said the Devil after which he threw an apple like fruit towards Tarun which suddenly turned into smoke halfway through the air and got into Tarun's nose.

As soon as Tarun absorbed the fruit, Lucifer threw all the restraints aside and completely submerged Tarun in the Hellfire!

Tarun, as if trying to save his very soul shouted like crazy even though his body was utterly destroyed.

He kept shouting for days and weeks but no one actually came out to help him and when the last day finally came, Lucifer came up to him and killed the fire.

As soon as the fire died out, there was no sign of Tarun but a Crystal Red egg was there...

This was made up of crystal red blood and was one of the final defensive nature of the vampires.


The blood started to crackle up and with a boom, it completely shattered!

Inside of the , there was a Man standing who didn't even had a skin and only red muscle fibers were visible!

"Well, the first step is completed.

On to the next step."

Said the Devil!

They were not torturing Tarun for nothing but were helping him making his body stronger! It did not only made his body stronger but also made his mental fortitude and spirit power strong.

Lucifer then asked Tarun to come with him in his castle

"First, let's eat something and then you need a little rest."

Said the Devil with a smile

This almost chocked Tarun as he thought that someone like The Devil would never treat him this way.

Tarun was still not able to see Lucifer's face as it was surrounded by some kind of

Lucifer then took Tarun to his castle which was even more magnificent than ;s which was on the Mountain of Disparity.


Tarun's skin was still not regenerating and his body was still all the red muscle fibers.

"This is my Castle"

Said the Lucifer with a smile.

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