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Chapter 53 : Go to Hell

Sovereign of Blood




;s sudden words confused Tarun.

"I have to die? What do you mean?"

'*Well not die, since if you go to hell as a soul, you won't be able to come out without the of the reapers but if you go there with your physical body....Then it's totally different!*'

"What do you mean?"

'*Lucifer, The Lord of Hell is a friend of mine and he will be helping you cultivate for the next 2 years in hell! I will teach you the techniques and the way of Noble while he will be teaching you some very interesting fighting abilities and train your body in the Hellfire....But..ehehehe...It will be the torture which could leave a scar on your soul...after all, you are only a 20 year old with no personal experience of the torture trainings.*'

the Count.

Tarun was already very exhausted with all the events that had happened in the last few days and this came as a complete shock to him yet again.

'*Don't worry about the curse too much, it will completely burn away when it will come near the true Hellfire.

Now don't waste this chance and do what I say, I am giving something very important to Lucifer for doing this! *'

Before Tarun could even respond, a fiery and icy Portal suddenly opened above Tarun and swallowed his body which was by now unresponsive due to the curse.

Everything was happening really fast and this confused and frustrated Tarun very much! One minute he is in Cyan-phoenix world and another in hell?

He felt a stretching pain in his soul he felt while The Count took his soul from earth to the Cyan-Phoenix world.

After who knows how long, he finally landed on a rock which was floating above the fiery lava!

He started to sweat again as burn marks started to appear on his body.

", My dear friend"

Suddenly came a chilly and dominant voice!

"Long time no see, Lucifer"

replied the Count.

Tarun quickly turned around but he couldn't see anything because of the which were surrounding the silhouette.

"So, you are Tarun, eh?"

Said the man with a mocking tone.

", you have prepared my fees, right?"

"*Yes I have.... Now shall we start?*"

"What's the rush? First let the kid get use to the temperature here...*smirk__"


--- In an unknown forest ---

"Just a little more and I will reach the Cloud empire! I swear I will make that fucker pay with his blood!"

Said Abhishek as he was running at his full speed towards the Cloud empire's border while many Royal Assassins were pursuing him!

His was not so good and he had already suffered quite a headache from the Count's awakening and now the Royal Assassins with the expert who was also an Origin Deity of third layer were pursuing him.


--- On a fiery rock ---

Tarun's curse had already lost its effectiveness but the incredible heat of the hell was even threatening to burn his soul! He wanted to curse and shout but the count interrupted

'*That's not how a Noble behaves! Never lose your composure and don't use that foul language. It doesn't suit us! *'

'Damm, here my soul is in danger and you are teaching me Vampiric Etiquettes...are you ;

'*Losing your composure just at this? Then what will you do in the real Hellfire? *'

Said the Count after which he completely went silent.

Tarun was already too exhausted from these past few days and he didn't had the energy to even shout.

He gritted his teeth and forcefully his Magic barrier with his Vampiric powers.

His curse had stopped affecting him but was not completely gone and when Tarun used his vampiric powers, his curse also activated and his Magic barrier

Tarun was literally suffering a hellish torture but he still gritted his teethes and preserved.

He knew that the Count wouldn't just let him die and hence believed in him.




After about 2 Days of burning on the rock continuously, Tarun's entire body was charred while his clothes made from the blood had already burnt off. Even his hairs had burnt quite a bit and his soul was continuously being by the temperature of the surrounding!

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