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Chapter 51 : I Need a little Favor

Sovereign of Blood




It's been three days and Tarun was still running continuously at his full speed!

His entire body was trembling and his sweat was leaving a wet trail. The Count was also not chatting much and only giving Tarun the of the Mountain of Disparity.

The way to this mountain was very complex and Tarun had to pass through many underground caves and rivers. The way also had many dangers and although some were avoided through ;s guidance but some still stalled already out-of-breath Tarun.

'*Don't even think about stopping, we still have a way to go and you don't want to get caught by that Mystic Deity, now do you?*'

Said the Count in his mind.

'*Even if we do, you can just destroy her magic barrier and then I-*'

'*Fool! You are still overestimating your abilities. All your system's abilities, your abilities, they are still not enough to hurt a hair on her!

You really think that a Mystic deity will only have a Magic Barrier to protect her?

Let me tell you, all your knowledge of arrays, magical artifacts and all is nothing! Anyone from the central continent can snuff your life out of you. You just do what I say for now, I have lived on the Mountain of Disparity for a month and so I have a where you can hide for a time and train there. I will teach you everything from a Noble's bearing to a Noble's wrath. *'


--- In the Tower of Rain ---


"Who dares to attack my tower?"

came a voice which shook the entire city.

This voice came from a man who was casually standing on a broken floor of the tower.

He was wearing a red Scarf and had a scar on his left eye.

"Not only you destroyed my tower, but you the entire country! I will make you pay...."

--- In Ludwig Family base ---

"Did you find out who did this?"

"No, but all the evidences are pointing at that Mystic Deity woman!"

"Hmm? Keep investigating and alert the Patriarch! Ask him to come immediately. We will move to the main family base."

--- In the Royal ---

"Your Majesty! The array of the country has disappeared! Someone from inside the castle must have disabled it and then launched the mass attack on the country."

"Your Majesty, we Abhishek running towards the Cloud Empire from the sea."

"Sea? Wasn't he in the castle? Conspiracy! Thunder Empire and the Cloud Empire!! They must have joined hands and tried to catch me off guard! Alert! Move all the remaining forces towards the Border, there will be a war!"

Entire Rain empire was almost finished but they were still trying to hold their borders.

News of this unbelievable tragedy reached the ears of every big power and everyone first their defenses and then did a meeting to discuss what should be done with the land and treasures of the Rain Empire.


--- In clouds ---


"Your highness, please calm down and let me nurse your wounds first! The tower's defensive barrier has injured your sea of , please don't be rash!"


Tarun's was starting to get blurry and he was stumbling quite a bit. It looked like that he could any minute but he still had no choice but to run since the Count had asked him to not use any of his vampiric powers to help himself.

'*If you stop thinking about unnecessary stuff and just concentrate on running, we would go much faster.*'

Fell the voice of Count in Tarun's ears.

Tarun kept silence for quite a while before saying

'*Why was there earthen technology on that Tower? How many people from earth are in this world? What is the history of the HolyChurch? What is the history of the bloodline holders? How do you travel to different worlds? What is beyond God realm? How powerful were you before you were sealed? *'

Tarun, who was still in incredible wanted answers to all his and hence started asking one after another.

'*Easy there, don't confuse yourself too much! First of all, that was not the earthen technology, that was a gift given to the humans by the god Machina. So many people have the technology or different to earth.

Many people from earth could have crossed over. Anyone who is a Demi-god can travel through space without anyone's help, otherwise you need some kind of spatial magic supported by a very large amount of energy.

And Yes, once you achieve god-hood you will know how many realms are there above the god realm. Actually, when I was a god, we use to say that the real starts when you achieve god-hood.

Your mind is not clear right now and it could be dangerous to reveal the answers for the rest of your

Clear your mind and just keep running, we will reach the Mountain of Disparity soon.*'

Tarun quickly tried to comply with the Count's and forcefully cleared his mind and gave his all in running.


--- In an unknown which was both burning with red and freezing with blue ice ---

"*! So you finally escaped...hahahaha...good!*"

Said a silhouette of a man sitting on a throne

"*Hello Lucifer, I need a little favor. *"

Came the voice of the Count

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