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Chapter 48 : Teleportation

Sovereign of Blood





--- In an Unknown world burning with beautiful blue ---

"Father!! I have done it! I am now in the layer of the saint deity! Now tell me about my younger brother!"

"MANAN!! Did you forced your advancement? How did you advanced so early? You know it can bring you problems in future, yet you did something so reckless?"

"Father, it's true that I used some Divine pills from the family treasury but that is because I am the true inheritor of the Cyan-Phoenix bloodline! Nothing can happen to me."


"Where is my brother, DAD? What happened to him? and why did you never told me about him?"


"*sigh*...Your brother is no more, Manan. Many years back when me and your mother were peacefully living in the Cyan-Phoenix world, a very large-scale war broke out between the gods which destroyed much of the The Cyan-Phoenix world was the home of a noble god and..."


--- Tower of Rain ---

Everyone was confused and discussing what could happen now.

This was the first time in the history that something like this has happened in the Sky-Nova and as they were discussing, a middle-aged man who was wearing white clothes came with many people following at the back. His appearance was very peculiar as he was wearing spectacles.

It was quite weird for Tarun to see someone wearing spectacles as in this world, any kind of eye problem could be fixed with magic.

Everyone on the floor quieted down after seeing the man and some even started to shiver.

"Hello participants! I am Harold Plunkett. the Vice-Head of the Rain academy and the supervisor of this ;

Said the man with spectacles.

Tarun immediately identified him as the person who told him that he passed after destroying all the puppets.

This guy was also in the Origin Deity third layer but appeared very normal.

"We are sorry about the , and would like you people to co-operate. The results are postponed till tomorrow since we decided to check all the We hope that everyone is fine with the Thank you!"

After completing his announcement, Harold Plunkett sized up Tarun and left.

Tarun looking at all the people sweating in his presence was very intrigued by this guy.

'*Abhishek, I have a array in my room, go there and activate it.*'

Said Tarun to Abhishek telepathically

'*What? Why can't you just come here? you have the from the Royal castle.*'

'*Well, some mystic deity is trying to kill me, you really think that this country can afford to upset one?*'



--- Tower of Rain ---

Tarun started walking towards the exit after everyone already exited.

The princess was also waiting at the gate of the Tower with the Royal guards but even after half an hour, no one came.

"Where is that guy?"


--- On the clouds ---

"Why isn't he coming out?"

"Your highness, I saw him walk towards the hallway with my own eyes. Someone inside the Tower must have helped him or else he couldn't have just vanished!"

"Go inside the Tower and find him!"


--- In the Royal court ---

"Your majesty, that aura came from the guest ;

"Could it be Tarun's master?"

"It is quite possible that the Master of Tarun sneaked inside of the Abhishek is also staying back at the castle even though today was supposed to be the next stage of the exam, they could be plotting something!"


--- In Tarun's room ---

"Still can't believe that you fixed this ancient array!"

"It was quite easy actually, I am already versed at arrays and I took some reference from my familiar's summoning technique."

Said Tarun to Abhishek as he was taking out something.

"By the way, what was that Mystic deity all about?"

"Well, this woman suddenly came to me in the , oh hey, that was exactly like earth."

Tarun then started to everything to Abhishek and as He was listening to Tarun, his face sometimes showed delight and sometimes fear.

"Well, If my guess is correct, then that Mystic Deity should be Merideth Camazotz and we both are absolutely fucked if she gets angry."

Said Abhishek with a laugh.

"Well, we need to leave this country, dude"

"Aish...I never get to fuck any country because of you"

Tarun as he took out quite a lot of things from his sea of

"Hey Abhishek, to use the array, we need a very huge amount of energy, right? So now you are going to help me loot this Royal dry....hehehe..Mikkel, you are on".




'Hey Hermes, Will I get the soul essence and negative energy from the people I kill by using arrays? Like how much blood essence will I get when I this entire country at once?'

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