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Chapter 45 : Ludwig Family

Sovereign of Blood




Tarun started walking towards the outskirts of the city and along the way he kept mapping the city.


--- In Abhishek's Room ---

"Arrghghgh...huff..huf..Refining souls is harder and harder...I need her help!"

Said a man who was completely red and with some kind of carvings all over the body.


"So you are Tarun"

Suddenly came a voice which startled Tarun

Tarun turned around to look and found a very guy who was barely 20. His color was a little brownish in contrast to Tarun's completely white and pale body, while his eyes were blue and hairs brown.

Tarun instantly him as well as he was in the memories of the people he killed outside the city.

"Ashwin Ludwig"

Said Tarun while he gave Hermes a command to scan him.

Tarun was getting and as the time passed as one after another incidents were happening in which he was not the one in control.

Although the system would even alert Tarun of any Mystic deity that is observing him but it didn't alerted him when Ashwin appeared behind him

Tarun very carefully observed Ashwin and found that he too had a bloodline while being a Level 5 Spirit Magus

Spirit Mages and Elemental Mages were totally different as elemental mages used elemental based spells more but spirit mages directly attacked once spirit.

It was really hard to stop an attack from a spirit magus.

"eh? A Spirit Magus? Don't they usually train their Spirit? Then why are you so brawny?"

Said Tarun in a mocking tone as he was angry that Ashwin snuck up on him and he didn't even notice it.

"You speak too much"

Said Ashwin as he looked towards Tarun

Tarun instantly activated his defenses and his magic barrier as that look from Ashwin directly tried to attack his soul.

"What? You are only a Level 5 but already have a sea of ;

Ashwin with an astonished

Tarun was pissed by now as this guy attacked his soul directly! If Tarun's soul itself was not powerful enough or if he didn't had a sea of then that attack would have instantly killed him!

"You Dare!"

Said Tarun as a very powerful spiritual pressure started to well up in the area and every kind of started to wither away as the road started to crack.

"Your spiritual pressure is good, but not on par with my dad"

Laughed Ashwin in the heavy spiritual pressure.

Tarun was at loss as why his spiritual pressure didn't affected Ashwin when suddenly a voice came in his mind

~ Scan Completed

Name - Ashwin Ludwig

Level - 5

Affinity - Spirits

Bloodline - Pureblood Werewolf ~

"What? are you shocked by this? tell you what, you cannot even kill me.

You know why? Because if my life is even in a little danger inside of this city, my father will your entire empire, So don't push it dude.

You might know my father actually, his name is "Petronius Ludwig"...

He was also worshipped as "Lord Petronius", or the "God of Beast"...hehehe, what? You don't know it? Funny how a vampire doesn't know anything about werewolves!"

Said Ashwin as he started to walk away.

Tarun was shell shocked by everything as people after people were coming who knew exactly who he was!

Ashwin, with a smirk started walking away and before leaving, he took out a bundle of Purple Qi Energy Cards and waved them.

'Hemes! Find everything about this Ludwig Family, also about the werewolves!"

~ Can't find anything in the database. Master can use blood essence to extract the from the Progenitor. ~

'How much will that be?'

~ about special bloodline will cost 100 Blood essence. ~

'Naa, it's too wasteful! I could simply ask when I reach the Spiritual Deity Realm...or wait, I can find out by that way too.'

Thought Tarun as he looked towards a and then started walking again with a smile.

Tarun was very cunning and he never liked to be and now, people were coming to fuck with him left and right!

He can't take that, not while he is an existence which is capable of bringing apocalypse.

'His dad can kill me and he is definitely stronger than any Origin Deity too. A mystic deity woman will kill me if I can't collect all the 500 Purple Qi Energy cards. Ashwin has around 40 of them but I'll have to make him give me all the cards as I can't hurt him. Also, I have to find the use of these cards. Abhishek can't help me in any way since his demonic blood is still rampaging and fighting with the vampiric essence.

Hmm, Things aren't looking that good but this could still be !

Mikkel, go to the Ludwig family house and kill the host on their gates! I want to get an idea about their power. Also, as soon as you do that, come to me. We have somethings to do.'

'*Yes, Master. Mikkel will be with you shortly.*'

'Good, Hermes...Do you have any spells which can help me materialize something which I imagine?'

~ is a Neigh-Omnipotent Power and cannot be used by you yet, Master. But there is a spell which can be used with the Mind Power and Energy control but that can only last five minutes at most and will be barely ~

'Barely Means it will still be usable, right? That's good enough!'

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