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Chapter 41 : The Royal Spy

Sovereign of Blood




"He did what!?!"

Everyone in the control room was shocked by this!

This was really too unbelievable. Tarun, being in Level 5 himself carved talisman engravings on the puppets who had the power of a peak spiritual deity without letting them touch him.

Everyone tried to look at the of the and still couldn't see any sign of Tarun.

"Is he even alive in that temperature?"

"He should be, I mean...wasn't he who did this!"

"Unlikely! Look at the surrounding...Everything around that area is visibly melting."

started happening everywhere in the Tower and everyone very waited for the to subside.

After about 10 minutes of immense heat waves and which utterly destroyed everything in this level of the Tower, the finally subsided.

Everyone instantly tried to see at the center of all the and saw a silhouette of a man whose hairs were flying and was standing in the middle of all the fire like a god.

This shocked all the people who were watching as not only Tarun was fine, his clothes were fine too!

His suit was giving all the fire surrounding him a red light and when all the experts tried to look closely, even their hearts started to beat fast as an inexplicable feeling of wariness arose in their hearts.

One has to understand that as many as 64 puppets of peak spiritual deity realm were destroyed at once! It was an unimaginable power and could even destroy the magical barrier of a peak spiritual deity but it didn't do anything to Tarun.

"This man...Ask the Snake cult to take care of him! I don't care about the money."

"I found him, My soulmate!"

"This way too awesome."

After all the fire had burnt out, Tarun still stood there and after sometime, he looked towards a and said,

"Why aren't more puppets coming, shouldn't 128 puppets of origin deity first layer come?"

Listening to what Tarun just said, everyone was so shocked that some even fainted. It was really too much for some people who came here for the first time.

Back in the control room, all the people were extremely shocked. Not because of Tarun's but because the in which Tarun spoke was the one where their Talisman was located.

"How did he?"


"You pass, there is no need for you to keep fighting, young friend Tarun"

Came a voice of someone which echoed in the Tower.

Tarun listening to it gave a Shrug and very calmly started to walk towards all the judges.

The heart of all the judges were beating seeing Tarun coming towards them.

"So what's my overall ;

Asked Tarun as he reached the judges.

This made the face of all the other judges twitch

'You still ask?'

After a little silence, the female judge which was impressed by Tarun's chopsticks earlier, came forward and announced.

"Participant Tarun passes the Qualifying Round with a Perfect

Next part of the will happen 2 days later at noon in this Tower."

This announcement made many people uneasy as in first and batch, there were some people who passed with perfect but they couldn't beat the puppets which were of Spiritual deity first layer, but here Tarun obliterated each and every puppet. Even the staff was having a hard time coming with another test to judge the rest of the participants.

He would seem equal to the ones who got the perfect in their Batch but was he really equal to them?

Tarun, as if not caring about the result at all stated to walk out of the Tower of Rain.

"*You located him?*"

Asked Tarun telepathically to Abhishek

"*Yeah, He will reach the city tonight.*"

Replied Abhishek.

Tarun gave a light nod and Disappeared at the end of the hallway before anyone could reach him.


---At night, 500 Miles from Tianjin city---

"This is quite weird. I couldn't even find a Trace of that expert or Tarun being his student. I need to report this to the Emperor."

A silhouette was dashing towards the Tianjin city while mumbling something.

Suddenly a Very small snake which had a translucent body with purple colored patterns flew with unimaginable speed and got in his mouth.

"How is this vessel, Mikkel?"

Came a voice asking the person who just swallowed a snake and immediately after, froze in his footsteps.

"This vessel is not good, master."

Said the person.

It was Mikkel, Tarun's familiar who took over the body of this Royal Spy with the help of Tarun and Abhishek.

"Go to the Royal and tell the emperor that my background checks out, and that my Master really is someone who is in the Third layer of Origin Deity Realm.

Remember, you need to stay at the Royal and spy for me a little, and when I give the signal, Take every bit of his powers, skills and memories and kill the...-"

"Tarun, they came as well"

Suddenly interrupted Abhishek with a smile.

"Did they? They are too slow!"

Replied Tarun

"Well they can't really make a move in the city. It is being monitored every ;

"Well Mikkel, you go to the Royal , they don't have the guts to do anything to you. I will give you further when the time comes."

Instructed Tarun after which Mikkel Dashed away in the body of the Royal Spy.

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