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Chapter 34 : An Egg

Sovereign of Blood




As Tarun and Abhishek were sitting in the V.I.P. Room, enjoying different kinds of delicacies, many items of exuberant values such as Spiritual Alchemical pills, Level 7 Origin Weapons, Dragon Scale Talismans and the likes were being

Abhishek, who was a fan of buying such items was continuously competing with other Origin Deities but nothing never caught Tarun's eyes until the very last item was showed!

"Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to present you the last item our will be …, IT IS AN EGG WHICH CAME FROM A LEVEL 7 DEMONIC BEAST BEFORE IT WAS BY THE EXPERTS IN THE FOREST OF CISCADA!"


Entire Mist exploded with shock!




The Forest of Ciscada was a huge forest situated near the border of the Rain Empire and no one has ever mapped it completely, not even Origin Deities, because level 7 Origin Beasts were really too powerful and it would take someone of layer of the Origin Deity realm to kill one!

And now, we have an egg which was dropped by that Demonic Beast! If it were to be hatched and raised with care, it could also advance to a level 7 existence which was just too frightening for a pet!

Everyone started bidding almost instantly!

"10000 Low Grade Magic Crystals"

"Humph, 12000 Low Grade Magic Crystals!"

"13000 Low Grade Magic Crystals!"

As the prices were going higher and higher, Tarun felt something strange and said to Abhishek.

"Abhi, that guy in that room there is the richest here, right?"

"Yes, that is the Prince of this Kingdom, Galen Duvall! He is by his grandfather who is a First layer Origin Deity while he himself is a level 5 Light Elemental magus."

"Hmm..., you are a layer higher than his grandfather, right? So, can you disturb his magic Barrier JUST a little without alerting his grandfather?"

"Tarun…, that is the Prince of this Empire…!"

"I know."

"I like where your head is…hehe…alright, just a little disturbance, right?"


'Hermes, buy me a Pocket!'

~ Deducted 50 Blood Essence, Bought a Pocket

Remaining Blood Essence - 672 ~


"Excuse me, you guys didn't even tell us about the species from which this egg belongs to.

Why? Were you guys afraid that once you reveal it, no one will buy it?"

Suddenly Listening these words from the mouth of the Prince himself, entire went silent!

All the people who were bidding on the egg, stopped!

'Huh...? What?'

'Would Mist do something like that?'

'Yeah, man! Even I wanted to know the species but couldn't ask because of all these biddings! Thanks, Prince.'

started happening in the Mist and the started to feel a little angry.

'Damn, people! It was you guys who didn't even let me finish and started your bidding barrage and after that you actually our goodwill?'

"UHMM..., ladies and gentleman, I apologize for not the name of the species. This egg is from a 3 Headed HydraScepta Snake."

As soon as these words were spoken, pupils of both Abhishek and Tarun's fiercely contracted.

Abhishek instantly forked out a ring and was about to bid when Tarun stopped him!

"Wait, I have a !"

Said Tarun as he formed a grin and looked at the Prince.

"15000 Low Grade Magic Crystals."

Suddenly shouted the Prince. Listening to his grandson's bid, His grandpa started coughing and said in a very low voice.

"Galen, we only brought 14000 Low Grade Magic Crystals."

"I know, grandpa, but this egg is too valuable! Just think, when it an Origin beast, our power will increase twofold in comparison to the Cloud and Thunder Empire! Why don't you go to the Castle and bring the crystals, and till then I will try to win this egg!"

"What you are saying is true Galen but what if someone robs it from you when I am gone? There are too many experts here!"

"Ah Grandpa, you worry a lot! This is the Mist , no one has the guts to anger them, and you are an Origin Deity so your speed is really fast and you can travel to castle and comeback here in like 5 minutes!"

"Hmmm...if you put it that way, it does seem-"

"16500 Low Grade Magic Crystals"

'What? Who is rich enough to bid that big?'

Suddenly everyone's eyes shifted towards Tarun's room as he bid an exuberant amount of 16500 Low Grade Magic Crystals! Damn!

Looking at this, all the worries in the heart of the Price's grandfather vanished and he bolted towards the exit of the

Looking at his grandpa vanish from the building; the Prince formed a grin identical to that of Tarun's.

"20000 Low Grade Magic Crystals"

Suddenly said prince.


20000 Low Grade Magic Crystals was a very ginormous amount! This amount was the yearly of the Royal treasury and the Prince suddenly dropped this amount!

Everyone in the building looked towards Tarun's room thinking he might increase the bet but no voice came from his room.

The was overjoyed at this amount as the pay was guaranteed since the bid came from the Royal Prince himself and his cut would be huge this time!

"Since no one is bidding, this egg goes to the Royal Prince Galen Duvall for 20000 Low Grade Magic Crystals."

"Thank you."

Replied the Prince as he stood up from his and made a toast to himself.

The egg was immediately carried to the Prince's room by the Master himself and the Prince to him that his Grandpa is bringing the crystals and will be here any minute.

"No worries, Prince Galen, we will wait for your grandfather then."

"Hmm, You Guys sit here and wait while I inspect this egg in the side room."

Told the Prince to the Master as he took the egg in a side room attached to his V.I.P Room which existed in case he wanted to have 'some fun' with his concubines.

Only two minutes passed since the Prince went inside the side room and his grandpa had already returned.

Looking at the old man entering in the , a smile formed on the face of Wilson.

Many people who were friends with him started coming towards him and him and he understood that his grandson had won the bidding!

"Old man, Duvall, I didn't know you would spend THAT much magic crystals on an egg! Was it really necessary to offend that person of the third layer?"

Said a person while pointing towards Tarun's Room.

"Ah, we will invite him to the Royal , don't worry.

By the way, where is Galen?"

"Ah, sir, he is in the room inspecting the egg. Please come in."

Said the Master as he brought the grandpa to his grandson.

All the people crowded outside the room of the Prince suddenly heard a loud shout coming from the inside.


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