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Chapter 30 : The Sky-Nova Competition

Sovereign of Blood




"Wait, Master, wait!"


"Huh? A flying !"

Tarun as he found himself riding a huge beast which resembled a but had wings on his back and was soaring the skies.

"His name is Baisawa."

Said Abhishek who was standing at the head of the


"Let me finish first!"

Interrupted Abhishek

"His name is Baisawa, He is a Level 6 layer beast. Now, the reason why I instantly took you is because the Royal convoy was already at the academy and were advancing towards your quarter."


Tarun after remaining silent for a while, said with a smile.

"So, you knew that I could rob spatial artifacts and that's why you put the treasure you stole from the Eden House in a Level 7 Origin Ring."

"Ahahaha…well, if we are asking about one another's secrets, then let me ask one too.

Why did you reject the offer of that Hellsing bloodline girl to your Familiar?"

Asked Abhishek laughingly as he took out a golden ring with an emerald stone.

"A well, too powerful!"

Abhishek - "Too powerful what? It would've been awesome if she had your Familiar. She is powerful and has a pure bloodline which could make her even more powerful. Using her to kill Hellsings would be quite comfortable you know."

Tarun - "You really think from your ass! Her Bloodline is WAY too pure! Her mother's death has something to do with this. Do you know, when I was showing her the of her mother's death and the of my life, a faint tremor continuously arose in her bloodline which directly attacked my heart! Her bloodline has something to do with Wingate! I am sure of it as there's no way an ancient power could reside in a 18-year-old's bloodline! Why do you think I disclosed her the fact that I am a True Vampire? It's because she would've found it sooner or later after going to the World of Integra or maybe even before that. If she had found this from someone else, then that someone could doubts about me in her heart! That would be too dangerous! So, I showed her much of my memories after altering them heavily so she could feel special that a monster like me was tamed by her. Huuhh…that was one of my best performances till date!"

Abhishek - "WHAT! Wingate? You mean Wingate Hellsing? Then it was all the more reason for you to make her your Familiar!"

Tarun - "You really want me to die, don't you? I just put her under my for like 5 minutes and I already started bleeding from my eyes. If I had done something else, yours truly wouldn't be sitting here on a flying beast chatting with you."

Abhishek - "Nah, I beg to differ. I think-"

"You think a lot"

Interrupted Tarun

"Well, that's how you stay alive!"

Replied Abhishek with a face.

"Ok. Ok…now tell me about the ;

Abhishek - "The , huh? Well, this happens every year in the Country where the last was from. The participants are mainly from the Rain Empire, Thunder Empire, Cloud Empire and some unknown challengers from origins."

Tarun - "Let me guess, Thunder empire never won one?"

Abhishek - "Hahaha…well, not any in the last 12 years! Thunder Empire has a joke, you know!"

Tarun - "Then what are you doing here?" *smirk*

Abhishek - "Well I was waiting for something and now I think I found it…or… should I say…. *smirk*"

Tarun - "Yeah. Yeah, now tell me about the ;

Abhishek - "The which is called 'The Sky-Nova ; is actually a huge deal! It not only focuses on a person's Battle prowess but also focuses on many other things like pill , Arrays, Talismans, Magic artifacts, and many other such fields! From last two years the is from the Rain Empire. His name is Ashwin Ludwig and his overall was twice the of the competitor sent from this shitty empire. Ah, well this time the is a little different and hence you must win it!"

Tarun - "A little different?"

Abhishek - "Yeah…, the winner of this can go to the -Radiant to participate in a tournament there which is only held every 100 years!"

"WHAT!!! -RADIANT!? Isn't it a ruled by the emperor!?"

Asked Tarun as he was shocked by Abhishek's words.

Abhishek, looking at Tarun's , smiled and said

"We are exactly going to do what you think we are going to do!"

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