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Chapter 23 : Was I Only this Big ?

Sovereign of Blood



Tarun had only just closed his eyes when he suddenly realized something and opened them once again.

Tarun had tried doing everything these past couple of days. He tried to dig the sand but the winds were so strong that dunes of sands would fly away and somewhere else. He walked in all but even after walking for miles, he couldn't find anything. There's only so much a person can do in a filled with sand.

He also tried to look at the sun for the past couple of days thinking it might have a clue but because it was too bright and hot, he couldn't keep looking for more than 3 as the burning was way too real and it felt like that his eyes would get burned off.

"Why is this Sun so hot? To make this test difficult? Maybe. But there is something off about it.

It should be at the top of my head as the sun is always the hottest at noon, but it is just frozen in one I didn't realize it before but now that I look at it from this perspective, it is always in the east from me!

Hmm, then what would happen if I go towards it? Although walking at its is hardest as the sun will always come in my eyes. I will have to try it."

Tarun than stood up with great difficulty as the sand had now filled his clothes completely.

Tarun couldn't use magic in this and he found it impossible to walk while all the sand was sticking on his clothes inside out from his sweat.

This was the first time Tarun realized that without the help of magic and System, he was a complete trash!

This was a tight to his godly complex and he gritted his teeth before completely removing his clothes.

Now, after being completely naked, it was indeed easier for Tarun to walk on the desert but the heat from the sun and the sand below him completely made his mind dizzy.

This burning was real! Way too real! Tarun even thought about using the blood essence to get out from this hellish torture but his ego was just not allowing him to do that.

'Was I only this big?'

He kept thinking about how he naively to overthrow this world when he couldn't even a test to enter an academy which wasn't even in the list of the strongest. Tarun always looked down upon this academy because he knew that there are higher and different worlds which are a lot more powerful than this small Thunder empire. But now Tarun realized that he was even smaller. Just knowing about something can't make you powerful enough to acquire it.

Tarun was stopping himself from crying as this was really too painful! His feet were burning as if he was walking on the sun. He would fall on his knees but the same burning would invade his knees.

He couldn't walk. He couldn't stop. He couldn't drink. He couldn't eat. He was being continuously burned by the hot and his mind was on the verge of

Although his bloodline was as powerful as of the Progenitor and he also inherited quite a lot of experience from the progenitor which made him see the world as if he was a god and the world was just a ball to be with but now he realized that for that to work, he needed to a god.


Roared Tarun as he bit off his tongue and spat it on the sand.

His tongue landed on the sand and it instantly started to sizzle as if a piece of meat was being cooked on a stove.

An incredible amount of pain surged through Tarun's mind and made him about the burning all over his body, while an adrenaline rush also appeared in his limbs and head which drove away the fatigue.

Tarun started rushing towards the Sun as if he was running towards a river while being thirsty for a month. Tarun gritted his teeth while blood kept gushing out of his mouth.

After running for about 3 hours, fatigue started to kick in again and the Sun also became brighter and hotter which kept his entire body.

Tarun at this time, like a madman, bit off his left arm. Although He couldn't use any magic powers, he could still use his sharp fangs which were part of his body! Another series of unimaginable pain rushed inside his head and along came the adrenaline rush and his fatigue was again pushed aside.

Tarun was leaving a trail of blood, running stark naked in a desert. Although he knew that this was an , his mind was still filled with unimaginable pain. Tarun's bone was poking out from the arm he bit off and after sometime the skin completely stuck to his arm, devoid of blood.

Tarun never stopped and kept running like a maniac!

After a while, when the fatigue was about to hit him again and he knew that his mind couldn't handle any more pain, he noticed that the Sun had come down from the sky and became a lot more closer and hotter.

Tarun this time when took a step towards the sun, his skin started to visibly burn.

He knew that this is the only way and if he turns back now, it would all be for nothing!

"Just 100 more steps and I will reach the damn ball of !"

Tarun then closed his eyes and bolted towards the sun!

His skin started to burn off and his muscle tissues could be seen.

Tarun very quickly made his way towards the sun, and by the time he reached there, His entire skin was burnt off and you could only see his muscles.

He immediately jumped inside the Sun and as soon as he landed inside of the sun, a very cold hit him.

If any other person was stranded on a hot desert without any water and suddenly found a cold to rest, they would be overjoyed, but Tarun knew that this was not the case here.

Tarun was again standing in a desert, but this time, it was a desert of snow! Everywhere he looked, he would find the snowy dunes.

A cold piercing hit Tarun's body and it was even more cold for him as even his skin was not on his body! He didn't have any eyelids to protect his eyes, His entire left arm had a pointed stick devoid of any blood and he couldn't use the same strategy this time as this cold could literally freeze him and the moon looked rather normal.

Tarun at this time only had one thought in his mind.


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