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Chapter 14 : Level 5 Ice Elemental Magus

Sovereign of Blood



It'd been 2 days since Tarun, along with Shin Wu, Shin Wu and Sing Min-ah, started travelling for the TwinPearl City.

They were travelling in a huge carriage which was being pulled by some beasts who resembled horses from earth.

Their carriage was as big as a room.

Min-ah had already broken through and now was a Level 4 Dual elemental magus.

"Min-ah, will you please put down your magic barrier?"

Suddenly asked Tarun with a very solemn

This startled all three of them. These past few days, after Min-ah broke through, they were all teaching Min-ah some level 4 spells and guiding her on how to practice. They were all shocked about the fact that Tarun knew some Level 4 spells as well and his was even more incredible as he understood each and every aspect of those spells. Although he couldn't use them now, but they reckoned when he steps into level 4, he would be a monster but little did they know, he already was one.

Tarun also helped Min-ah comprehend some spells and now, he suddenly asked her to put her magic barrier down?

"What do you have in mind, Tarun?"

Asked Shin Wu and Shin Lu while Min-ah just stayed silent.

"You guys just have to trust me!"

Said Tarun very straight-forwardly.

"Alright, I trust you."

Min-ah put down her magic barrier and Tarun got real close to her, held both her hands which made Min-ah blush a little and closed his eyes.

"System, scan her entirely! From her bloodline to her Memories."

~Task established. Estimated time - 3 Mins 2 Secs~

System scanned her memories and sent everything as a fast-forwarded film to him.

After 2 hours of being in that , while everyone was watching very attentively, loads of sweat beads appeared on Tarun's forehead and a crystal Red blood drop once again slid down his left eye.

This startled everyone while Tarun immediately opened his eyes and wiped the blood off before it could drop on the carriage's floor.

"WHAT HAPPENED? Tarun? Tarun, are you okay?"

cried Min-ah in worry. Tarun staggered a little and Min-ah immediately got ahold of him. She suddenly remembered the day when a thing happened on the cliff.

"I'm okay, guys, don't worry! I know my body very well, and this thing is to my family, so please don't ask."

Said Tarun to everyone with a smile.

Everyone had worried on their faces and helped Tarun to his bed. Tarun sat on his bed and closed his eyes.

'Her bloodline is far more dangerous to me than I had anticipated! Huh, System! Try to use the in Min-ah's bloodline to see if I can use that insight to help Shin Lu merge her bloodline and evolve her elemental power which we detected earlier.'

~Found Host will be required to use 1 Blood essence and edit Shin Lu's DNA Structure. ~

'Hmm? Edit her DNA? can allow that?'

~Of course not, you dumb ! That's where the 1 blood essence comes in.~


'FUCK YOU!! I am your master, you shit! I am fucking tired of your attitude!'


After a little while, when they were just hours away from the TwinPearl city, Tarun looked out the carriage window and saw a colossal silhouette of a wall.

"That wall is standing there and protecting the TwinPearl city since the ancient times. It was created by the First Emperor of the Thunder country."

Said Shin Wu to Tarun.

Tarun just nodded as Min-ah and Shin Lu already knew about it since this wasn't their first visit to the Capital city of the Thunder Empire.

After a Quick , they were allowed in the city and quickly got an inn. It only had two rooms left since many people came to either witness or take part in the for Imperial Royal Academy.

"Sister, you can stay with Min-ah while Tarun and I can share the other room."

Said Shin Wu.

"Wait, I need a room with Shin Lu for some hours, I found a way to fully cure her."

Shin Lu - "WHAT!!"

Shin Min-ah - "WHAT!!"

Shin Wu - "WHAT!!"

"What's with that ;

"Didn't…didn't you say that you could only do that when you have reached Level 6?"

Shin Lu!

"I did, but after I researched about it and found some ways to not only cure you, but even evolve your powers. I think that I can cure you now."

Earlier Tarun wanted to just remove the Hellsing bloodline from Shin Lu's body, but after he researched and the bloodline of Min-ah, he decided to just merge Min-ah's mother's bloodline to Shin Lu's body.

Everyone was overjoyed, yet at the same time and gave a room to Tarun and Shin Lu.

Shin Lu also nervously went inside the room and Tarun asked Shin Wu and Min-ah to not disturb them no matter what they hear from the room and locked it.

"Clothes and magic Barrier"

Said Tarun with a smile.

Shin Lu at him and slowly removed every cloth from her body.

"Your naked body is really too intoxicating."

Teased Tarun. Shin Lu didn't say anything and turned completely red.

Her voluptuous body was really too intoxicating.

"Today will be different from the last two times, so bear with me."

Said Tarun while grabbing her shoulders. Shin Lu was about to say something but Tarun suddenly one of his nails and made a deep gnash on her heart.

Outside Shin Lu's room, Min-ah and Shin Wu were nervously waiting when they suddenly heard Shin Lu's loud cry.

Min-ah wanted to barge in to know what's happening but Shin Wu held her back as he remembered that they couldn't disturb them.

~System, store a few drops of blood from Min-ah's mother's bloodline and magnify the DNA structure of both the bloodline and her normal blood. ~

Tarun wasn't doing charity. He was helping Shin Lu mainly for two reasons. First was that she possessed a bloodline which had a close to the Hellsing ancestor and was that he wanted to make her his and that was easy as Shin Lu already had some feelings for him which he knew about and confirmed when he read her mind.

The process of coding was really long and painful, hence not only Min-ah and Shin Wu, even imperial guards came along with a crowd outside their inn and started asking about the painful cries coming from the room.

Tarun didn't paid them any heed and just continued to rewrite the structure with the help of blood essence and at the break of dawn, finally all cries stopped coming from the room.

Everyone seemed and wanted to know what was happening inside of the room when suddenly an ice-cold chill spread from the room in all and along came the aura of a Level 5 magus!

This shocked both Shin Wu and Min-ah and as they were waiting outside, the gate to the room was opened and Tarun came out after which he closed the door behind him.

"She is fine and just broke through to Level 5, so don't disturb her as she consolidates her level."

Said Tarun, after which he quickly went inside the other room.

Shin Wu and Min-ah both waited outside Shin Lu's room while the people who were watching the room from afar were shocked to see a very handsome man who was only at level 3, come out.

"What? How can someone be this handsome? Is it something humanity can achieve?"

"This guy...I will make him mine!"

"Hmm? Why has a level 3 guy come out of a room from which cries and aura of a level 5 expert was coming? Was he torturing her?"

Tarun actually released his aura before entering the city so when he meets a deity, he wouldn't get in trouble as even they wouldn't be able to tell his level.

After about an hour, another ice-cold chill was emanated from Shin Lu's room which even froze the floor, walls and gates of the inn!

"Hmm? A Hellsing? Interesting!"

a silhouette sitting in a dark room.



At the inn, everyone was shocked while Min-ah and Shin Wu were petrified.


"Come in, Min-ah, and brother you too."

Came a very gentle voice from inside the room and after hesitating a little, both of them went inside.

"You must have many about why my elemental affinity suddenly changed from water to ice just like your mother's, right? "

Shin Lu then told Min-ah everything about how her mother, how she sacrificed herself to protect Min-ah and that she gave a part of her powers to Shin Lu so she could protect Min-ah. Shin Wu already knew about this so he kept silent and looked really sad when reminiscing his tragic past.

Min-ah and Shin Wu stayed in Shin Lu's room for a really long time which bored the spectators and they went away.

At 9 in the morning, Tarun went inside Shin Lu's room and found a very beautiful Shin Lu with tear stains on her face smile at him as she was patting the head of Min-ah, who was sleeping on her lap. Shin Lu had even more beautiful and refined after an Ice Elemental magus.

"Where is Shin Wu?"

Asked Tarun.

"He went to inquire about where the process was to take ;

Looking at the face of Shin Lu which still had the traces of some dried-up tears, Tarun went ahead and kissed her forehead after which he said,

"I don't like tears on your face!"

Shin Lu, at this gesture of Tarun was first shocked but then a little smile appeared on her face.

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