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Chapter 12 : A Broken Amulet

Sovereign of Blood



Tarun was engrossed in every kind of book from the Library Pagoda, be it a magic spell book, history or any other kind of book.

This pagoda had 3 floors and it took Tarun about 5 Hours to completely skim through every book in it.

'Finally! Time to go to the underground chamber and ransack-, uhm… I mean 'borrow' their family secrets and magic spells. -_-'


~Suppressed the outgoing signal and opened the hidden chamber.

5 Traps detected from "Shin Lu's" memories. ~

Tarun, with the help of the system, breezed through the entire underground chamber and copied every array, magic spells and talisman engravings which were present there.

"Woah, not only did I find 3 level 5 spells, but 2 level 6 spells as well! This is going a lot smoother than I had …. Kekekeke."

~Warning! Detected a magic artifact belonging to Hellsing Bloodline. ~

"Huh? What is it?"

~A Broken Crystal Amulet. Examining it now. ~

On the shelf, with other seemingly more valuable artifacts, there lay a purple amulet with a broken crystal shard at its center. Tarun went toward it and held it carefully with both hands.

~ Complete. Found an ancient magic belonging to the Hellsing ancestor. ~

"EH? WHAT? Why the fuck would an item like that show up here? Don't tell me that Min-ah's mother has something to do with the Hellsing ancestor! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!"

This piece of news once again changed Tarun's !

If Min-ah's mother was some ordinary member from the Hellsing family, then that would've been quite an easy task for Tarun to go obliterate the Hellsing and contain the aftereffects of it from effecting his with Min-ah. But now…!

"UGGHH!!! …Hahahahaha…she will truly be my end! System, extract the magic from this amulet."

~Already did. The magic spell is and can't be used.

Host can use the blood essence to extract some partial ancient magic of the progenitor and merge it with this to create an entirely new magic. ~

"Do it!"

~1 Blood essence used. Task Established. Estimated time left - 50 Days 15 Hrs 49 Mins~

"Eh? This long? Well, it figures since I am trying to do something as crazy as combining two ancient magics from two god level existences and even more so, who were both cut-throat enemies of each other!"

Tarun had now completely scanned through the entire library pagoda and the amount of and magic spells he got would also take several days to get optimized before being sent to Tarun for him to absorb them to their entirety.

Tarun now came out of the library pagoda, and seeing him come out, the guard thought

'This brat! He talked as if he would be inside for a month or two, but he came out this early. Humph! He just wanted to show off in front of lady Shin Lu.'

Tarun completely ignored him and without wasting any time, directly went towards the armory. Armory Pagoda was to the library with 3 floors but didn't have any hidden compartments.

The ground floor had level 1 and level 2 artifacts, first floor had level 3 and level 4 artifacts, floor had level 5 artifacts and the third floor had some level 6 artifacts, respectively.

Tarun unlocked the array with his badge and then started the and arrays from these magic artifacts.

While Tarun was studying every detail of the artifacts from their material and density to their magical properties and the they could have, he noticed two karambit knifes which were made up from an unknown material and had a crystal at their respective ends.

~Found Level 0 Artifacts 'Visit of the ;. The pair of knife is made from condensed Dark energy and is attached with soul capturing crystal. Host can change them into Soul Weapons with patterns and blood essence. ~

This kind of was within Tarun's as this armory already had some awesome weapons and after Shin Wu merged it with the artifacts from the HeavenlyDragon sect, it had quite a few of these kinds of treasures.

Tarun took the knifes and left everything as it was after studying them thoroughly and went straight to find Shin Wu.

"Hmm? You already done? Very well, how many magic artifacts do you want? Should I give you a Spatial ring with 10 cubic square meters to carry them? And I can personally teach you any magic spells you like from the library!"

"No need, Shin Wu, just give me these two knives and I want nothing more!"

"What? We have so many good weapons that you could take and instead you took these knifes of unknown origin?"


Replied Tarun in a very excited voice.

Shin Wu - "…."

"Well, if you want to give me more, then you can give me something, but those are too to you and you might not agree to give them to me. *smirk*"

Said Tarun with a sly smirk on his face.

"SAY IT! If I have them, then you can ask for anything!"

"Oh, you sure? Then I want Min-ah and Shin Lu!"

"You basta-"

Before Shin Wu could complete his cursing, Tarun turned around and dashed out of his courtyard while laughing heartily.

Tarun then went to find Min-ah and when she saw Tarun, she immediately formed a smile on her pretty face and went to greet him.

"Hey! You are finally out! What took you so long, huh?"

She had a slight bruise on her face and seeing it, Tarun immediately got angry and touched her bruise ever so gently while asking,


"Ah, don't worry about that. Someone new in the city had the nerve to try to touch me, I sliced his throat, but his father came for revenge so I sliced his throat too, but he used a self-destructing spell to harm me."

Tarun - "…."

'Damn, woman! Here I am carefully scheming about killing people and you are there slicing people like you are telling about what you ate in breakfast.'

Tarun quickly threw away this topic at the back of his head and said,

"I haven't eaten in two days! Let's go eat something outside."

Min-ah agreed and took Tarun to her family restaurant and when people saw her walking with a man with a beautiful smile on her face, everyone turned green with envy.

'Who is this guy? Shit, Is he her fiancé?'

'Damn! This guy must have used some kind of magic to make himself attractive and used that to seduce our princess! Hateful!"

Every kind of talk started happening, but Min-ah and Tarun ignored them all and directly went at the top floor of the restaurant.

This restaurant was owned by the Shin family so there was a private room for Shin family members there.

The manager personally came to take the order and very soon the food also came. Tarun started to wolf down the food, but while he was at it, a very loud voice came from the ground floor which made Min-ah frown.

"Who the fuck dares to covet MY Shin Min-ah? Come out you shit! I will eat your heart out!"

Shin family wasn't the only powerful family in the Blood-River city. There was another family which had the same amount of power as Shin family because they too had a powerhouse of Level 5 but he was already 100 years old and had no hope of breaking through to Level 6. The disrespectful shout that came just now was coming from a guy who was one of the sons of Nam ji-hye, The family leader of the Nan Family.

This son of her was only a Level 3 magus while being 26 years of age who always wanted to marry Shin Min-ah.

Shin Min-ah, never even let him come close to her but now, when he heard that she came with a guy smiling as if she was going on a date, lost all his reasons and came to kill him.

'YES! This is PERFECT! Now I can harvest blood essence!'

Tarun showed a very annoyed and got up.

"Hey! You eat first. just wait a minute, I will remove this for you."

"NO! A man needs to solve his problems himself. I will eat first, but you can't interfere. Is that okay?"

Tarun was scared that she would snatch his blood essence from him and immediately started to shove the food down his throat.

After 5 Minutes when he had completed his meal, he went with Min-ah downstairs and saw that two Level 4 magus, who were guarding Tarun have subdued 3 people outside of the restaurant.

"Release them!"

Said Tarun, after listening to his command, both immediately disappeared and Nam ji-sub, the young master of Nam family immediately with his two lackies went towards Tarun with a sword in his hand.

"You Basta-"

Tarun immediately froze all three of them and after doing so, slowly walked towards Nam ji-sub, took his sword off his hand and very slowly sliced all three of them one by one.

This scene not only shocked the public but also Min-ah.

What Tarun did just now was ruthless! He killed them slowly as they would feel all the pain before to their deaths.

'Siiiiiii, this matter won't end like this! Nam family will surely come for revenge!'

'What? What kind of devilish magic was that?'

Tarun after slicing their head off, the sword in Nam ji-sub's hand again and took ahold of Min-ah's while walking towards the Shin family.

'Where were you raised, Tarun? How did you this ruthless at such a young age?'

Thought Min-ah while walking along with Tarun.

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