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Chapter 8 : A Damsel in Distress

Sovereign of Blood




"Ah, blood of these Level 1 and Level 2 beasts taste like piss.

They taste way better cooked."

Said Tarun while he burnt a Level 2 beast alive and kept burning it till it was medium roasted. Now that he had << Pyrokinesis >> and << Mind Control >>, he only needed to look at a beast and it would be burnt alive without any resistance!

"System, tell me in detail about the other bloodline in my body!"

~Bloodline identified as "Tear of the Phoenix Queen".

This bloodline derives from the Cyan-Phoenix ancestor. Further is locked inside Progenitor's and would need 15 Blood Essence to it, User is advised to either collect the blood essence or increase the System's database.

User can also try to swallow the Phoenix Bloodline forcefully with the progenitor's bloodline to know about its secrets and power but that has a 50 percent rate. ~

"Hmm, a god tier bloodline…, no wonder it's creating a problem!

Forcefully swallowing it would be foolish; that should be my last as I still have quite a way to go before I end up in the TwinPearl city and I am already qualified to enter in Imperial Royal Academy, so let's it safe! By the way, what's the deal with Manan? How does he have an Ancestral bloodline? And how did he end up in a small town like Green-River city? His memory had nothing of that sort!"

Tarun pondered over these for a little while and after that, he threw these at the back of his head and just started to enjoy his grilled beast.

After enjoying the beast, he got up and started walking towards TwinPearl city.

After walking nonstop for four days, he had already crossed nearly 1000 miles. Although 1000 miles did sound like a very long distance, but it was not in this world as this world was bigger than earth in every way. From people to flora and fauna, everything was extraordinarily big and a level 3 vampire's speed, especially under the shadow of the forest was no joke!


Suddenly someone fell right in front of Tarun.

It was girl of around 20 years of age who had her clothes torn and face smeared in mud. Her appearance was really pitiful but her eyes were fiery red filled with rage which could burn the world.


Suddenly, four streaks appeared and formed into four people, one around 19 and the other three appeared to be around 50-60.

The younger guy was wearing a gray robe with dragon patterns embroidered on it, and a red badge with dragon engraved on it; it was attached on the waist while the other 3 were wearing robes with the same dragon design but their badges were with some as well! It looked like that they were from some third-rate sect as the young bloke was a level 2 wizard and the other 3 were Level 4 Dark elemental wizards with Hydro It was highly possible that they were unable to break-past the Level 4 Barrier because of lack of talent or lack of medicinal ingredients and alchemical pills and would die as a mortal.

"Hahahahaha...Shin Min-ah, you might be the honor of your Shin family, but nobody is going to save you from me today! Your father has been gone for two years already, and by the time he will come back, you will already be subdued by me and he won't be able to do anything by then!"

"Bastard! Dream on…, I will kill myself before falling into the clutches of a degenerate like you and when my father comes, he will your entire sect!"

"Geez, I just stepped into the vicinity of Blood-River city and I've already found a damsel in distress!"

Said Tarun impatiently! Tarun was quiet all this time and because they couldn't detect any magic from him, they all ignored him.

Now after Tarun spoke, everyone finally noticed Tarun and were astonished to see such a face and physique! His eyes were shining bright red and his hairs were flying with the wind. This caused a jealous feeling to arise in the hearts of all those four people. But after they looked at him with more , they started laughing!

Tarun completely ignored them as he was shocked as he noticed that the girl which was named Shin Min-ah had given no to his charm and instead had a little pity in her eyes for him!

'My vampiric charm is even stronger than that of True Vampires and it has no effect on this girl! Interesting…hehehe…!'

Tarun couldn't use his << Mind Read >> power on her as she was a Level 3 Water-Wind Dual Elemental magus too.

"Hmph. A kid who can't even practice magic dares to interfere."

"Brat, if you want to die then you just need to ask politely. Hehehe!"

Those people thought that Tarun was just some normal kid from a different who couldn't practice magic.

Tarun, as if didn't hear any of their words took some steps forward, got down on both knees and extended his hands towards Shin Min-ah's feet with the of tending them.

Her legs were in a really bad shape due to the earlier chasing from these people.


Shin Min-ah, mercilessly swatted Tarun's hands away and said in a very cold tone.


And a killing intent appeared in her eyes.

'Damn, Girl! You have some trust issues, how was your childhood like for you to turn out this way? You just keep on more and more interesting for me!'

Thought Tarun in his mind while his darkened. He took out a robe from his spatial ring and threw it towards her so she could cover up her torn clothes.

Tarun, without even throwing her a , stood up facing those four people.

"Don't even think about leaving this jungle alive."

Said Tarun in a very calm voice but suddenly his aura of Level 3 Vampire burst out. It completely oppressed the young guy who was only a Level 2 and the other three who were Level 4 magus also felt a little threatened yet Shin Min-ah felt a warm feeling!

Tarun was completely different from normal magus as he was a vampire and a vampire with the Progenitor's bloodline at that!

Everyone was shocked! He was really a magus? Damn! He isn't simple! What is his origin?

Tarun suddenly shot several level 3 at the young guy and because everyone's mind was in a frenzy, they couldn't react in time and stop them all, and one fireball slipped past those three oldies and hit the young guy!

As soon as it hit him, Tarun squeezed his heart inside of him and killed the guy in an instant!

All 3 of the old people were horrified when they saw their young master , so they started using their magic to put off the fire, but Tarun just kept on setting his body on fire again and again through << Pyrokinesis >>. Tarun didn't want to reveal his true powers and masked it with a 'freaky' fire spell.

After the body was charred and it was confirmed that he was indeed dead, Shin Min-ah was shocked! She also tried to kill him several times but even if she got lucky and landed hits on him a couple of times, he had some protective talismans which protected him and now this new guy killed him this effortlessly! Who was this guy? Why was he making an enemy out of Heavenly Dragon Sect for her?

By this time, the 3-old people were feeling extremely angry and humiliated! A brat with a Level 3 Magic powers got past all of them who were level 4 and killed the only son of their sect master!

"You are dead!"

Said one of them in a very hoarse voice and all 3 of them shot towards Tarun. And Tarun, instead of running away, actually charged at them and as soon as they were about to , Tarun used the << Fake Hand of God >> blinding them and slipped by them, igniting the ground they landed on.

As soon as they were , their changed as their magic barrier was unable to protect them from this fire! They immediately released a large-scale water spell and created a small river in the jungle. But soon their facial changed again as they weren't able to detect Tarun anywhere!

Tarun, taking advantage of the earlier and the shadows of trees completely hid himself from them.

"Humph! Don't think you can hide from us!"

Said one of them as he took out a Compass-Like magic artifact and immediately attacked towards the the compass pointed at.

Tarun was sent flying while the corners of his mouth had a trace of crystal red blood.


Injury Detected on host.

2 ribs fractured and chest muscle had an inner injury. ~

'Damn, you! Didn't you say this strategy would work?'

~The Level 5 artifact wasn't included in the , Host is suggested to level up so the System can be upgraded. ~


'Are you really sure about that other ;

~Yes, that is absolutely correct. ~

'Uh, fine.'

Tarun got up with a little difficulty and casted a look at Shin Min-ah; she was trying to get up and had an on her face while looking at Tarun.

Tarun smiled at her in return and diverted his gaze towards the oldies.

"Heh, Is that all? Hahaha. I wonder what people would think when they'd hear that three Level 4 magus had difficulty killing a kid!"

Mocked Tarun, with disdain on his face.

This angered them even more and they all casted their ultimate level 4 spells at Tarun, while Tarun had also prepared many spells.

Looking at this, Shin Min-ah thought that this attack would absolutely kill Tarun and herself. And that was actually the truth.

As even one Level 4 magus was enough to kill them and now three of them were using their most powerful spells.

But looking at this, Tarun had no fear on his face and both the sides dashed forward for another

*BOO…. Pssssshhhhhhh____

Suddenly all the three oldies melted and the attack was dissipated. Although the attack was intercepted by someone, the shockwave still threw Tarun backwards and he flew towards Shin Min-ah and landed just beside her.

"Hotblooded and reckless. This kid is just like me when I was his age."

Sounded a voice in Tarun's ears while he could see a vague silhouette standing before him. After this, Tarun closed his eyes.

"Father! Is… is it you? Is it really you!?"



"It is you, isn't it? You are here! You came back! You came Back! Father...FATHER!!"

cried Shin Min-ah while she threw herself in that man's arms and started crying heavily. It was as if all the anxiety, responsibility, helplessness and sadness she felt for past couple years came crashing down.

Listening to this heartfelt of a father and daughter, Tarun's lips curled up in a smile and he said in his mind.

'Well, looks like you were right, System...! kekekeke.'

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