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Chapter 5 : The Monster Strikes

Sovereign of Blood


Tarun got up early and headed straight for the main hall.

Albert was there completing his morning prayers and Sister Maria also just got there.

They greeted each other and then Tarun waited for Albert to finish his Prayers. After Albert finished with his work, Tarun asked him for an exorcist uniform of the holy church!

The Exorcist uniform of the holy church was completely different from the white robes of the church and only qualified exorcists were allowed to wear them. But Albert had no doubts about Tarun being an exorcist and took him to the Church's Store.

"Here it is an Exorcist uniform, Young Master Tarun. Its defensive array is not that powerful, but it should have no problem dealing with a handful of Level 2 Attacks."

This new uniform was truly a great to Tarun's Disguise!

It looked exactly like a preacher's suit from earth, completely with some silver carvings around the chest area and one cross tied from the chest pocket all the way to the shoulder and other hanging from the sleeve.

'Damn… I look awesome in this! Thank goodness he gave me a or Manan's savings were really not enough for something like this.'

Thought Tarun in his head. Tarun was now completely broke but anyone who would look at him would think that he was some high-level Exorcist who had seen the world.

When Tarun, with hair flying with the air and red eyes shining in the dim sunlight came out of the church wearing that exorcist uniform. He noticed several people were coming towards him.

He immediately understood that it was due to their as they never saw a high-level exorcist and more so who was from the branch and was the most charismatic person on the to the rumors. So, when they all came and finally saw Tarun's majestic appearance, some cried in surprise, some sucked in some air, some were in a daze and some pretty ladies also very quickly came to greet him.

"Greeting honored exorcist, my name is …, My father is the owner of the only inn in this town. Would you like to come and have a meal?"

"Hey ! Don't you already have a boyfriend? Sir, please don't listen to her, my name is Rachel and My father is the captain of the militia here by the imperial family, and he invited you for lunch."





"You girls shut your mouth! Don't be so impolite…uhm… Hello honored exorcist of the holy church, I am the head Luther, and I have come here to pay my regards.

Sir, please me for asking this, but can you tell us about the monster you came here to exorcise?"

"Hahaha…, news sure travels fast here. Yeah, please notify the to be on alert at all times! That monster is intelligent and will be hard to catch and by the way, sorry ladies, I still have a task in hand so I can't your kind proposal of meal. Maybe next time."

Tarun with a smile on his face, greeted the remaining people and then went straight for the General's House of the imperial army.

This general was arrogant beyond measures as he was a Level 3 Fire Elemental magus! One could say that he was the most powerful person in the city and because the Holy Church and the Imperial family didn't have a good enough , he made Tarun wait for an hour before finally agreeing to meet him.

"Greetings General Brutus! My name is Tarun and I am an exorcist from the Holy Church."

The color of Brutus's face changed dramatically when he saw Tarun. His appearance aside, Brutus couldn't even detect Tarun's power level! What? He was a powerful elemental magus of Level 3 and he couldn't even detect the power level of this young man?

'Is this brat really from the Branch?'

Brutus didn't really believe the earlier rumors about Tarun being from THE branch as it was really too But now he was starting to believe the rumors and so he immediately changed his attitude and said

"Ah, sorry for making you wait! I was organizing the yearly tribute for the Imperial Royal family"

Brutus made a quick excuse but Tarun's eyes a little….

"No Problem, General. I just dropped by to ask if the of your militia have witnessed something strange these past three four days and am I allowed to exorcise in the vicinity of your imperial quarters in case if the monster appeared here."

Said Tarun very calmly with a smirk on his face

Brutus immediately complied as exorcising demons/beasts was their job if it happened in their but if someone even powerful than him had come to ask about this, that monster must be truly strong. After chatting with Brutus for a little bit, Tarun left his house and started random people about possible monster sighting.

Right now, He was just passing time and spreading the news about a monster.

'Ah, when will the night come? Ugh...I am feeling hungry already...!'

After the night fell, Tarun returned to the church and went straight to his quarters.

*The Next Morning

The sun was barely visible but the entire town was in an uproar.

A Crowd of people rushed to church's prayer hall.

Everyone in the church was startled by this and when Tarun came to the Prayer hall.

"Sir! Sir…, the entire family of Martin was by that monster last night! Sir, you need to protect us! Please come with us and investigate!"

"That guy martin use to be a thief but later he started living a good life for his family. His wife and daughter whose marriage was just fixed didn't deserve this! And his mother was even a Level 2 magus who helped the people whenever she could..., justice needs to be served!"

"My Linda...*sob*…that monster...! That monster sucked all the blood out of my Lin…."

Tarun looking at this showed a very sympathetic and concerning and said.

"This is a disgrace on my name! I couldn't protect you people, but not anymore. I will make sure to kill that thing before it harms anyone else"

After that, he immediately went to Martin's house with Christopher.

"All the four bodies are devoid of blood, what kind of monster is that?"

Asked Christopher in a very hoarse voice.


Said Tarun.

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