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Chapter 94 : Omnipotent Entities

Sovereign of Blood

Amir was in a room monitoring something from a screen made up of colorful when suddenly he stopped and shifted his gaze towards the gate.

After just a couple of , Tarun walked into the room.

"What do you want kid?" Said Amir with a smile but in his eyes, all Tarun could see was mischief.

"I want Getting to your personal library would be even better." Replied Tarun almost instantly.

"Huh?...ahahaHAHAHAH" Tarun's reply made Amir laugh nonstop for some time after which he asked Tarun while controlling his laughter.

"Just what kind of are you looking for? It'll be easier for me to just tell you the info as the number of books I possess, reading through all of them and more importantly understanding all of them could very easily take you your lifetime."

The reason Amir gave for not letting him his personal library sounded honest and fair but Tarun knew that it was just an excuse for not letting him his library.

Tarun actually knew that Amir won't allow anyone to his library so he made two demands, one which could be fulfilled easily and one which was impossible. If Tarun had directly asked for the , then Amir could've declined but now, it seemed as if Amir fell for the oldest trick in the book.

"Sure, then tell me everything you know about Entities. From How they came to be, from how powerful they are to where do they live and what do they do?"

Tarun's again sent Amir on a laughing spree, and after quite some time he controlled his laughter and said while looking at Tarun.

"What will I get in return?"

"Add a couple more things from what I promised you last time."

"You still haven't given up on that crazy of yours?...Hmm, well there is no harm in telling you about the entities since what we are about to do might even anger one. Okay kid, listen carefully as you won't get this chance ever again." Replied Amir after a deep thought.

"Fundamentally, the most basic of the Entities is that they were the genderless developed by extreme powers or systems when they came into existence by the will of The One.

There are many Entities such as Entity of Space, Time, Soul, Law, Fate, Element, Origin….Blood, etc.

They are inherently omnipotent and only The One can command them to do it's bidding.

Now on the topic of where they live, well...we believe that they are Omnipresent. Means they are present everywhere and see and hear everything but since we are nothing in their eyes, they won't interfere in our business unless an existence is born which can threaten them."

"Entity of Blood...Isn't that Alucard?"

"Shhh! Keep quiet you numb skull! Taking his name is a taboo since he went against the will of The One and was shunned out by All the other Entities!"

"But as I recall, didn't you take the Ode of Alucard from me and possibly tried to study it? Isn't that a taboo?"

"Study it? Were you this dumb since your birth or you broke your brain in hell? I could very well burn to nothingness if I try to decipher its content. Imagine "The Emperor was burnt to nothingness!". All my legacies and Image will be ruined in the Continuum! That Ode is also a Magical Artifact and that's the reason I agreed to our deal in exchange for it."


Is Alucard Dead?"

Amir facepalmed with anxiety as Tarun was repeatedly taking the name of Alucard even after he warned him not to.

After at him for some time, he finally sighed and said

"No. No one is strong enough to kill him. When the Entity of Elements came after him, he knew that it was only a matter of time when others will come after him too, so he disappeared from the Continuum. His disappearance was soon followed by an all-out war between the Blood Lords, who use to serve him and the rest of the Multiverse.

There, I told you everything which is known about Alucard. Now Happy?"

"Yeah, Very Happy" replied Tarun with an face as he began to move towards the door when Amir said

"Don't do anything stupid, Kid! We are very close to the D-Day and we don't want any because of you."


----In the space above Cyan-Phoenix world----

The search for anything to Wingate Hellsing brought and Lucifer on the Cyan-Phoenix world as a tremor was released from this

As they were trying to pinpoint its , suddenly they received a very faint Fate magic coming from a nearby world which was made up of blue

This fate magic was trying to find its way through the space towards the -Radiant world and this, enraged them almost instantly!





In a world made of , the father of Manan was using all his powers to decipher the secrets to the events witnessed by the amulet. Manan was sitting with his father contributing any bit of his own power to do it when suddenly a very loud thunder broke their

"What was that!?" Said Manan as he rushed out of his room.

Manan instantly turned stiff while looking towards the sky and when his father witnessed it, he too went out of his room just to witness a Hawk and a Man who were hovering above their sky and the space around them was starting to crack.

The hawk and the Man started to descend upon the world and as they were descending, large amounts of started happening all over the

"Es...Esteemed Guests, wha..."

The father tried to negotiate with them but his words stopped coming out of his mouth.

"You ants dare spy on us?" Said the devil in an engaged tone.

Manan, along with his father, couldn't take the mental pressure form these people as they both fell on the ground with a *plop*.


As Lucifer was proceeding to destroy this world, a terrifying cry that threatened to destroy the sky came from inside the

Lucifer and were both surprised by the cry when they saw that a huge cyan phoenix, as big as three fourth of the entire rose from the

The Phoenix just its wing a single time and suddenly all the on the started to rise towards The Devil and

"So you were hiding here…" Said the as he started to revert to his original form from the body of a hawk.

As he transformed into a large man with a beard and mustache, who had a crown of blood upon his head and the aura of authority around him, a shockwave was released from his body which instantly blew off the of the entire and only his figure, like a tyrant was seen shining with red glow.

The shockwave didn't stop after blowing off the but instead went even further towards the of Gods, where every God saw the sky turn red.

All the powerhouses from the multiverse looked towards their sky which turned red for a and then looked towards the of The himself.

Tarun also saw the sky turn red and smiled after a long time after which he said

"It has begun"

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