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Chapter 90 : Disparity

Sovereign of Blood




"It didn't broke, instead, someone opened it from the inside and the only people who can do that are....-"


Suddenly a maniacal laughter enshrouded The World of Integra and no other voice could be heard!

"Just How? How the fuck did you manage to open the barrier from under their noses?"

Came a voice after the laughter died out and with the voice, three of light appeared in the cloudy sky and stopped in the air just above the skyscraper the gods were standing on and revealed themselves to be a very and devilish hawk whose 2 feathers broke and landed on The World of Integra creating 2 loud , which could be compared to 2 nuclear from earth, clearing out the entire city and leaving only the dusty and barren land.

The other 2 figures just floated above the skyscraper gracefully and looking at them, the forehead of all the gods were covered in sweat and a very distinct fear was seen in their eyes.

The scene currently was very chaotic as the dust of the from ;s feathers still didn't settled down and as everyone comprehended what just happened and the sky got cleared,

Suddenly, everyone's eyes shifted to far away in the of the forest where the sky was extremely red!

All the gods were shocked to see the bright red sky spreading and reaching at them while Amir and Lucifer had a very intriguing on their faces.

"Dogs are always faithful to their masters. The only drawback they cause is that your enemies may have dogs too. And what better keeps an enemy dog inattentive and than a bone. Always have a bone at home and a bone in handy."

Came a voice from the of the red sky which soon revealed to be a very extremely dense bloodmist which reached above the skyscraper.

The gods were extremely confused as they that this bloodmist had the powerlevel of a Mystic Deity!

Mystic Deities were basically ants for them and for one to suddenly appear like this, and considering the of the Celestial Gods, this guy knew them!

"You leveled up!"

Came a very deafening voice from the hawk which created some severe tremors in the air, inducing a very fierce storm after which the bloodmist replied

"That I did-"

"Leave the level up, which dog are you talking about?"

Interrupted Amir with an impatient look.

"Oh, you know that dog...why don't you ask them"

Replied the bloodmist, after which it started to form into a human like body and a very hazy hand formed from it and pointed towards the gods who were standing like a bunch of statues on the skyscraper.

"Do….Dog? Are you addressing our Great Ancestor as a dog? And there is no way he betrayed us and opened up the barrier for you!"

one of the gods with an angry look.

"Well, like I said, loyalty is never a constant but depends on variables such as opportunity, profit, jealousy and other that binds the ascended."

Voiced the bloodmist without even sparing him a look.

The World of Integra was cracking and exploding from as the anger from the gods and the pressure from the Celestial Gods was just too much for it to take.

Before anyone could say anything, the bloodmist continued to speak in The Count's

"We need to hurry, I don't have enough time left!"

"That we can see! We warned you to not push it. Your power comes from your vitality, and right now it doesn't look so good."

Replied The hawk.

The Gods couldn't take seeing their own world getting destroyed like this just from the spiritual pressure of the


Yenner as she closed her eyes and the world became still again.

She was just a God and could not do anything against the but from the careless going on between them, she got a hunch that Tarun might be important to them and hence

"I don't know what method you used to break our deal with the barrier but I know for sure that I can easily kill you."

Yelled Yenner as she opened her eyes which glowed with bright white light and the temperature of the entire dropped dramatically!

Looking at this, other gods too started to use some techniques while Amir and Lucifer watched with a very amused while Tarun threw a green crystal towards The Count which disappeared as it reached The Hawk.

"Ha! Using the powers of your ancestors? You sure you ants can pull that off?"

Said Amir as he saw all the gods who were standing on the skyscraper turn into ice crystals and break into mist and with them, the entire building was enshrouded in the icy mist too.

Amir "humphed" and moved his hand in the on the building which brought a powerful gust of wind that cleared all the mist but as the mist dispersed, the skyscraper and the gods disappeared too!

"If we were this easy to get rid of, then we would have all been a long time ago"

Came a voice from above the sky and soon, and androgynous figure descended from the sky which was wearing a clothing made from crystal blue ice and the entire World of Integra instantly froze, even freezing the of the

It seemed like all the gods united into one body to create a being which had the powers to compete with a Celestial God for a limited time!


Said Amir with a sneer after which he extended his hands, immediately converting the entire ice of the world into steam!

"I will show you the difference between a real Celestial God and a fake nigh-omnipotent shit show that you guys have merged yourself into."

Mocked Amir as he started slowly walking in the air towards the of all the gods!

Devil and , both at this time completely ignored them and simply came to the bloodmist, which was Tarun and tried to enquire about the person who helped him open the barrier of this world.

"It is simply Impossible for Wingate to help you since he despised all the vampires and would have killed you as soon as he saw you and it is also unlikely for his other allies to help you since they all betrayed him and stabbed him in the back right after they sealed me!

So who exactly was it that helped you?"

The Hawk.

But instantly, as if he himself gave the answer to his own , a hit him which shocked him and the devil both at the same time!



Suddenly a very loud was heard and the entire sky of the World of Integra lit up as a figure was seen crashing and destroying a star near the World of Integra.

"See ? This is the disparity between some gang of thugs like you and a divine existence like me."

Said Amir with disdain towards the supernova which was made from the battle between him and the of other gods.

Suddenly, the androgynous figure came out of the supernova and was covered in dark-red blood. As it came out, it made some hand signs and with it, suddenly, the skyscraper which first disappeared along with them, appeared at its original and not just that, but phantoms of that building started to appear everywhere in the World of Integra!

"Final line of defence? Are you sure you want to struggle till the end?"

Asked Amir with a laugh.


Suddenly came a shout from Lucifer which shook the entire and immediately disintegrated a huge part of the World of Integra!

"Finish this before The Supremes decide to interfere...there is going to affect the world !"

Continued Lucifer.

"Alright Alright, Game over then…"

Replied Amir with a reluctant on his face as he raised his hand in the of the World of Integra which was already withering away, and suddenly the of the gods was into the skyscraper which also undid their !

All of them separated and in buildings with a on their faces but they couldn't do anything.

"All the plots, all the , all the schemes and all the are useless in front of absolute power."

Came a Voice from the bloodmist after which the entire World of Integra was engulfed in vaguely resembling The -Radiant of Amir.

'*Master, Lady Shin Lu and Lady Shin Min-ah have been safely sent to The Cyan-Phoenix world with the God Crystal.*'

Suddenly came the voice of Mikkel in Tarun's head.


---Somewhere in Cyan-Phoenix World---

"When I stole this , I wanted to pay this as a payment for fixing me but now, I will chop him down with this very !"

Said Abhishek while at a colored katana whose was covered in the design of innumerable souls but one couldn't determine whether they were the real souls trapped inside the or just some fancy engravings.

Across Abhishek, Merideth Camazotz and Manan were seen sitting.

Merideth was quite and it seemed as if she was talking to someone telepathically whereas Manan was staring at the pendent of his brother.

Suddenly, Manan got up, attracting of both Abhishek and Merideth and said in a very uncertain tone

"There is something wrong with the scenes captured by this pendent, I need to go back to my world and get My father's help."

After saying this, Manan didn't even wait for the response of either Merideth or Abhishek and just simply burned away in blue


---In Blood-River City---

Shin Lu and Shin Min-ah were both sitting in there separate rooms, staring at the void and thinking about what happened in the Hellsing Academy and how the Sea of of Tarun was in a mess!

As they were thinking this, Shin Lu suddenly sensed something and immediately got up, turning in the of Min-ah's room with a horrified as she sensed a very powerful tremor coming from Min-ah's bloodline which immediately disintegrated a group of 7 people who were trying to breach into the Shin Family base with the lecherous thoughts about Min-ah and Shin Lu.

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