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Chapter 724 : Aren’t You Going To Give Me A Kiss?

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband
"You’re kidding me! Small fries like us would never get invited to events of such high caliber!" "I heard Noble specializes in providing for royalty. While they might not be as popular as Chanel, Tiffany, or Armani, Noble is far more classy!" As they were discussing, Liang Biqin conveniently drew out an elegant invitation card from her handbag and casually asked, "Are you guys talking about this?" "Ah! That's the one! That’s so cool! Biqin, you’re invited!" one of the artistes gushed as she gazed longingly at the invitation card. "Ooh, this invitation card smells so good! As expected from Noble! They are so creative with their invitation card!" "Of course, they invited all the big shots from the entertainment and fashion industry. Now that Biqin’s movie is getting better and better, her TV series is really rocketing in popularity as well! It’s no surprise that she's invited!" "I’m so envious! I wish I could go as well!" "Me too!" Liang Biqin carefully kept her invitation card and she looked at them almost pitifully. "I can’t help you, but I can try and ask my cousin, who is close to the art director from Noble. She also happens to be the special guest for this event!" "That’s really great!" "Thank you so much, Biqin!" Liang Biqin was satisfied with the elevation from their compliments and gratitude. "You’re welcome, it’s no big deal!" … On the way back home, Ning Xi realized that she had some free time on her hand, so she wanted to meet Second Senior Brother, Tang Lang. However, she remembered that Tang Lang’s original number was not contactable anymore, thus she put on her Bluetooth earphone and called Lu Tingxiao. "Hey." rumbled the man’s deep voice. "Boss, what’s Tang Lang’s mobile number? Send it to me, please. I’m free in the afternoon and I’ll meet him then." "Alright." "By the way, the company gave me a car! It’s a really cool black car!" Ning Xi excitedly shared the news with Lu Tingxiao. "You’re driving?" Lu Tingxiao asked. "Yes!" "Focus on driving and be careful of your wound. I’ll end the call now." Ning Xi felt a little disappointed. "Boss, you’re so cold to me! Aren’t you going to give me a kiss?" "Stop playing around." "Ok, bye bye!" Ning Xi ended the call. A few seconds later, her phone beeped. Should be Lu Tingxiao messaging her. Ning Xi glanced and saw a forwarded phone number with a kiss emoji attached to the text… Ning Xi giggled. "The devil is so cute!" Ning Xi called Second Senior Brother the moment she reached home. "Hello, Second Senior Brother?" "Little Junior Sister! You finally remembered me!" he whined in loneliness. "How would I know you’re here?, are you working? When are you free? Can we meet up?" Ning Xi asked. "Oh, no worries. I’m free right now. Your man just gave me the day off just now, saying that you’re going to be meeting me!" Ugh, he just had to be involved with them despite Tang Lang being a small security guard now... "Uh...okay…"
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