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The Adventures of Milk & Pineapple


Synopsis: Pineapple was out celebrating his college graduation when a car slammed into him, and darkness took hold. He awoke to find himself in a strange new body, in a strange new world. One world among 30,000 fantastical worlds, where the mighty rule, where mystic beasts walk the earth, and magic spells warp reality. For Pineapple to survive in these worlds, unfettered and free, living by his strong moral code, he will need great strength. He must make use of his strange new body and Evolve. But there's one catch... Pineapple wasn't the only one sent into the 30,000 Worlds with the power to Evolve. He is the only one from Earth. He is the only one that managed to keep his memories. He is the Firstborn. But he is only one among many. Come read as the realm descends into chaos at the arrival of the 88 Anomalies.

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