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The Witch Bone


Synopsis: Cheng Yan, the sole breadwinner of his family, one night finds some old bone under an old tree. The origin of those bones results in his death. But this transports him back to thousands of years ago where witches not only existed but demons and spirit beasts roamed the skies and ruled the seas. Trapped in a body of the heir of the chieftain, Cheng Yan has to walk through the labyrinth of political unrest as an awakened god, in a mortal's body, to save the kingdom from his unscrupulous rivals, and save himself from jaw-dropping beautiful cousins. And the only weapon he had on his reincarnation was a string of bones. What will he do with those bones? Feed it to dogs? Turn them into bone soup? Wear around his neck as a fashion statement? Read to find out more! Note: Ahem, Froggo here, my summer vacation started and I thought "hey, why not" and started writing. My first ever prose writing ( my soul is a poet though). So, please check out and leave comments if you like it and if you hate it, I won't mind having some of your power stones thrown at me. (not kidding) ahahahahah And also do not judge my novel yet based on the synopsis. It's an "East Meets West" fantasy fan-fiction. I am going all out! Will be busy for a month. Chapter release rate will be affected. Leave a review as well. XIeXie!

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