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Falling In Love With The Devil


Synopsis: I do not own the book cover. Ying Yue: " I am going to Canada to become a tourist guide! " Xiao Ye and Mina were both dumbfounded: " You want to be a tourist guide when you are already Asia underground’s boss? " Ying Yue: " Yeah! This weird dude asked me so I said yes and either way, I have you guys to take over for me right?" Mina asked: " This weird dude you talk about isn’t America’s underground boss, wouldn’t it? " Ying Yue nodded: " Yeah! " Xiao Ye and Mina: ... Small theater “ I only touched your muscles and give you a hickey so why are you chasing me? I did nothing wrong! Stop it! I don’t want to take responsibility! “ Ying Yue yelled. “ It wasn’t me who started it, just admit it, I am yours and you are mine, little devil, so just sign the marriage certificate. ” Jun Feng calmly answered to the little struggling devil sitting in his arms. “ No! Who’s the devil here? You are the devil!” Ying Yue kept struggling. “Fine, fine, I am the devil who falled for you!” Jun Feng surrendered as he pecked Ying Yue’s lips.

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