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Harry Potter And The Collecting Beast


Synopsis: As the sun fell below the sky darkness embraced the world. The nocturnal beasts awoke while others fell asleep. Children were being tucked into their beds while the adults prepared for another day of work that would cycle over and over again. Unbeknownst to these muggles another world existed. The otherworld existed inside the human world. They shared the same space but were unaware of each other's existence. They were like animals in a zoo, each thought they were the best without knowing the others power. Among the wizarding realm existed a beast that lived in neither. It didn't belong to the wizarding world or the human world. It belonged to its own. The creature had a silky black coat that hid its body scarred with battles of war. -------------------------------------------------- Discord Link: -------------------------------------------------- This world and the majority of its characters belong to the Harry Potter Universe, Owned by J.K. Rowling -------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Brenin for the cover photo --------------------------------------------------

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