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Reincarnation System: Tales of Demons and Gods


Synopsis: A fan of videogames, anime, manga, manhwa, light novels, xanxia novels and wuxia novels dies by being stabbed to death by a robber on his weekly visit to the grocery store near his house. When it turns out that he was not destined to die that day, They Who Are Above and Beyond decided to compensate their hurdle by giving him three wishes. The first thing he wished for was for his soul to have the ability of Eidetic Memory. The second thing he wished for was for his soul to have knowledge of everything he could comprehend. And finally, he wished for a System that not only allowed him to reincarnate into any reality he wished, whenever he wished and/or however he wished but also kept track of his overall progress in regards to the reality he was. And that was how he found himself reincarnated into the Reality of ‘Tales of Demons and Gods’ as Nie Li, his soul merging with Nie Li’s when he went back in time after his ordeal with the Sage Emperor, not to the time when Nie Li was thirteen and just started attending the Holy Orchid Institute, but to the time when Nie Li was ten years of age. With an advantage of three years before the start of ‘canon’, the combined knowledge of Nie Li’s first life, of the events that are going to happened and the knowledge he acquired from his second wish, he as Nie Li shall become the peak existence within this reality. Warnings: Kind-Of-Cheat Ability. BAMF MC. Genius MC. Prideful MC. Greedy MC. Lustful MC. BIG Harem. (W)Incest. Netori (Do not confuse with Netorare. Nie Li/OC, that is the MC, will be the one doing the stealing). All females (Within reason. Not too young nor not too old looking) are fair game for the MC. Fairly frequent explicit H-Scenes. Alternate Universe. For the sake of convenience and because the original TDG, which you should support as well, isn’t finished I will take some liberties so I can construct a more fleshed out and enjoyable world and story (I hope). The true essence of TDG will be kept as it is though. With that said, do expect lots of OCs (mostly females) for the sake of world building/expanding.

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