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Entertainment Queen System


Synopsis: ?Ding! System fully installed~ Hello Host. I am System Number 086 also known as the Entertainment Queen System.? Wu Fei is a shut-in young miss of a rich and influential family that, ever since a year and a half ago, locked herself inside her room in her own accord. Chaos abounds as this young girl is forced to step out of her room upon recieving System No. 086, also known as the Entertainment Queen System. 086: "Task: Participate on the upcoming cultivation drama as female lead." Wu Fei: "System... Can this little student just go back to playing games?" 086: "Requesting Host to refer to System as 086. Request processing. Request denied. Host must participate to the drama. Failure to do so would lead to extermination." Wu Fei: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (System creator come out and take back your family's System! I want a refund!)

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