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When I Shall Say Goodbye


Synopsis: The Synopsis Jia and Anthon had secretly fallen in love with each other way back in their high school years. For some reasons, they had not been able to have the chance nor the courage to build a real relationship. On the day that they finally met, their longing for each other allowed them to fall into a passionate and intimate encounter. And for a very short time, their bodies and hearts were finally entwined . Only to be reminded, that they both had different paths to take. Anthon did make a commitment to save his dying brother's fiancee from the shame of pre-marital pregnancy by marrying her. By taking both of them as his own, as his brother believed it to be, he would still somehow live through them even in his death. In this way, he could protect the family that his brother dreamed to build for his own. Would Anthon be willing to give up the only woman in his heart just to grant his dying brother's wish? Would Jia be able to deny the right of her child to a father just because Anthon would be marrying her own bestfriend instead? Would Anthon know that in the height of his wedding plans to marry his brother's pregnant fiancee, Jia run away with his own child in her womb to give him and her bestfriend the freedom? What will happen to Jia who run away with her dark secret? Would the future hold something beautiful for her and Anthon? Life holds so many mysteries, chances and opportunities... and in one of her life's crossroads, Jim came along.. Who was he in Jia and Anthon's lives?

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