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Chasing Dreams and Chasing Heartbeats


Synopsis: " You are one of my many dreams, and the only dream I wish I should have chased desperately" ----------------------- When his face was an inch away, I froze my breathing and prepared for his kiss. However, the moment I thought he was about to kiss me, his head shifted to the left side of my neck near my earlobe. It felt hot! I could feel all the heat of my body rushing to that side where his face is. What was this? Was he going to kiss me on the neck first? What was he doing? Was this how boys kiss girls? Was this a foreplay before kissing? But on all the novels I read, a man kisses the lips of his woman directly. They only kiss the neck when they were going to do something else! The heat inside me was about to explode when he opened his mouth in front of my ears. "You are such a good actress... but the show is over now, cheater." He said coldly. So he caught me again. I wondered how. "Your blush betrays you" Then he left. ----------------------- Note: This story was published in raw. It will be edited soon. An editor is currently backtracking the previous chaps. The author is a working student so her time for this novel is limited. She can only write, no time to edit. Update is any day of the week. Minimum is 3 chaps to five chaps a week.

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