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The Shadow Spellsword.


Synopsis: Simon Herrera, an absolute genius that appears once every thousand years, dies after finishing the last DLC of the virtual reality game he created. Once dead, god tells him he has to transmigrate to his own world and stop the catastrophe that will completely eradicate millions of people in Zeryann! Simon, using his knowledge as the game creator and the once first ranker in the leaderboard jumps into his own world with the aid of a system and his almost perfect recollection. He will face hordes of corruption, establish his organization once again, and watch Zeryann from the shadows. Until the moment is right, that is. He will climb to the apex that once belonged to him. He will become, once again, the much-feared Shadow Spellsword! -------------------------------------------------- Weekly release: Three to Seven chapters. Bonus chapters: One bonus chapter for every 200 power stones. One bonus chapter for reaching top 20 in power ranking. Mysterious surprise for reaching top 10. Mass release for reaching top 3 in power ranking. Bonus Chapters will be released at most the week following the previous ranking reset.

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