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Conclave of Tyrants


Synopsis: The Gutu Empire, a behemoth that stretched across the majority of the Western Continent, dominated all in its path. The Gutu themselves were a race of mighty beings, capable to destroying mountains and splitting oceans with a wave of their hands. A billionaire prodigy from Earth dies in his sleep and wakes up in the body of a child in a Gutu village. He quickly adjusts and slowly begins to formulate a plan to do what he had once done before. Take over the world! This time, not with money, nor with intellect, but pure might! In a world where demons, strange creatures, mages, vampires and all sorts of insanities run amok, Takunda keeps a calm mind, as his vision sees nothing but the top he desires! Watch the legend that swept the Western Continent of its feet, the story of the ultimate cultivator: The Smoke That Thunders! ____________ Will have at least 2000 chapters! At least 5 chapters a week! Any and all support isd welcome! Here is the other book Solitary Sword Sovereign in this multiverse with 70+ chapters I will be posting this story on

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