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Synopsis: The Anime Worlds System was created to fulfill the dreams of many, to allow you to experience the impossible and live the amazing. But, Not every anime is a pleasant, love-filled dream world, nor is every anime a dark, death-filled nightmare. Welcome to the Anime Worlds System and enjoy your long, long stay. Chapter Release rate= 3/per week Power Stone Goals: top 100-90= 1 Bonus chapter top 89-70= 2 Bonus chapters top 69-50= 3 Bonus chapters top 49-30= 4 Bonus chapters top 29-10= 5 Bonus chapters top 9-5= 6 Bonus chapters Final ranking on Saturday (before the weekly reset) will determine the number of bonus chapters. Extra chapters will be released when I can. I will say when a chapter is a bonus/extra chapter in the authors note or title. Bonus chapters are non-cumulative.

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