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The 7 Realms


Synopsis: Thousands of years ago, a legendary figure within the World of Realms disappeared along side an ancient clan. Modern day Earth, world renowned archaeologist Olapa Asan and his team wanders into the ancestral grounds of a Fallen civilization. A series of near death encounters force Asan to flee from his world with a Legendary item, while saving his archaeological team. Transported into the World of Realms, Asan wakes in the body of an assassinated ten year old. From the information he had gotten from the Legendary item which was a white gemstone, Asan found out the world he was transported to had a strange power called 'Essence Energy' and majority of the Living things within this world were cultivators of this 'Essence Energy' A world with myriad of races, from humans to Magical Beasts to Demons to Charming spirits and other oddities. Thrown into the new world as a mortal, Asan must struggle to survive in a world where the weak were treated as second class citizens, while hiding from powerful organizations and cultivators. His must battle to transcend his mortal roots and understand the mysteries of the new the world, this will lead him to forming friends and mortal enemies. Update schedule: 7chapters/week (bonus chapters on weekends) Here is a link to the discord serve for the novel This Novel is also published on Thanks for reading.

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