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PS I'm (not) Over You


Synopsis: Five years ago, she suddenly showed up on her grandfather's doorstep, asking for help to get out of the country as soon as possible. She needed to get away from her lover, taking with her their unborn child. She had enough of him, constantly breaking her fragile heart --- for the sake of protecting their child from the underworld, Ririna had to say goodbye to her unrequited love. Eli was a worldly man, as a future heir to the underworld empire and CEO of multi-corporations, there's nothing that he couldn't have when he wanted it. For him, there's nothing more exciting and satisfying than watching his company dominating the stock exchange and making more money. His mind made up during his childhood that he would never follow his father's steps, not be brought down on his knees by a woman, or so he thought, not until Ririna left him! His woman disappeared, taking his heart with her... Now, she's back!!! She wants to delve deeper into the accidental death of her mother. This is the chance Eli has been waiting for, this time she can't get away from him anymore. Threats and dangers are still lurking around them. Their enemies are seeking after them with lethal schemes. In this game of life and death, raising a child is not ideal. He must eliminate them all first before starting a family with Ririna, but the child he never knew he had is seeking him regardless. Is his child going to be his weakness or his strength? Story set in a fictional unnamed country. Updates with 1 chapter daily. (1 AM or 11 PM GMT +8) Warning: May contain scenes (sex and violence) and dialogues not appropriate for young readers. Story Editor: moonlitnight Special Thanks: Pristine, ChangchangLongwei; Emijay; Miss Bookie Join our discussion on discord:

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