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Supreme Martial System


Synopsis: This is a raw made novel, there is no team, only the author, and all the chapters are in drafts then posted by the author immediately after the author think it is a time to release an update. If you guys hate flawed novels I'm sorry about this one, as I'm a new author and is trying to improve my chapters One by one. Our dear MC Zhong Zhihao 38years old is an orphan since birth is a labor worker and a person fulfilling his dream of meeting his parents again. Unfortunately, just when he came across some information about his parents, he died a funny way, dodging the kids playing in the bridge, he fell down the rapid river and died. After some time our MC woke up, in a very different world as a 14 years old young master of a great clan within the suburbs. Our MC is very innocent because the only thing he knew in life was working in labor finding his family who abandoned him to ask why, as such our poor MC lacks talent within the boundaries of social society. But there is not only the Cultivation Realm, as the story progressed, he'll Encounter the Other three realms. The Mecha Realm, The Fantasy Realm and the Highest amongst all the four Realms. Watch as our MC Zhong Zhihao continues his second life, where strength reigns supreme, with a great cheat ability called "Supreme Martial System", as he builds his Empire, and continued his pursuit of power together with his wives, friends, and subordinates! Ruling all the Realms and standing at the Top of every living beings.

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