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True King of the Pirates


Synopsis: Orion Kartia's life was cut short and he was now forced to transmigrate into the wonderful world of One Piece but thankfully he has a few gifts to help him get started! This is purely fan-fiction. It's just a way for me to practice my English whilst writing something enjoyable. This book is targeted at avid One Piece fans as there is a lot of terminology that can only be understood by people who follow the manga/anime. I'll mainly only be able to write over weekends but if i get the chance i'll try and pump out a few chapters during the week. Thank you for all the support so far but please don't hold back with the criticism as well... I need it to improve my writing. I welcome all criticism, as long as it's constructive! I'm mainly using this to test the waters and improve my writing as I'm also working on the story I'm most proud of and looking forward to releasing. I won't be releasing that one for the foreseeable future as I want to have written the majority of the story in advance as the goal is to get paid on the back of it. And there are too many potentially good novels that finish half way through for one reason or another and I don't want my other book to be one of those!

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