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Chapter 357 : He Must Die!

Battle Through the Heavens

The atmosphere was so quiet in the hall that not even the parrots or sparrows made a noise. All the members of the Xiao clenched their fists tightly as they heard the numerous blood-curdling screams coming from outside the door. There was great on their faces. The recent turn of events of the Xiao had caused their hearts to be filled with grievances. Now that Xiao Yan had returned, he had finally pulled the entire , which was about to reach its end, up. The grievances which they had experienced during the last few days were currently disappearing with each horrible scream from beyond the door.

The horrible screams outside continued for less than a minute before they gradually fell silent. As the blood-curdling screams came to an end, the gazes within the large hall began to once again gather on the back of Xiao Yan, who was quietly seated on a chair with his back facing them. At this moment, there was some fanaticism and respect within those gazes.

“ Leader.” The first elder took one excited step forward and broke the silence of the large hall.

“First elder, just call me Xiao Yan. I really don’t have the right to be called the ‘ Leader’.” Xiao Yan slowly stood up from his seat, turned around, smiled and replied in a soft tone.

The first elder was slightly startled as he saw the smiling face which was completely different from the stern face that had been filled with killing intent earlier. Immediately, he nodded with a smile, “Currently, in this Xiao , your words are able to represent the orders of the leader.”

“Father will not agree to that.” Xiao Yan shook his head and joked. He flicked his finger gently and ten plus small jade bottle appeared on the table, “These are some healing medicines to treat internal injuries. Let those members who are injured consume them first.”

Hearing this, the first elder hurriedly nodded his head. He waved his hand and two members stepped forward. They took the jade bottles and began distributing them in the proper order.

Xiao Yan watched those who had consumed the healing medicine before he grabbed the Heavy Xuan Ruler with one hand and carelessly it on his back. After which, he walked out of the large hall.

“Creak.” Xiao Yan pulled the door open, and sunlight came pouring in. The warm sunlight expelled all of the gloominess that had shrouded the large hall.

Xiao Yan stepped passed the threshold of the door. His gaze around his surroundings. The expected scene of corpses all over the did not appear. Only Queen Medusa was lazily leaning on a willow tree under the shine of the sunlight. Her delicate hand was randomly with an emerald green leaf. Her beautiful, curvy figure was reflected on the ground, moving slightly and appeared extremely attractive.

Seeing Xiao Yan coming out, Queen Medusa lifted her head and at him. She said faintly, “Neither the corpses nor the bones remain, not one of them is left. Remember, that ‘Tomb Monster Needle Fruit’ is mine.”

“This woman is indeed very ” Xiao Yan sighed in his heart. He nodded his head before turning to look at the members of the Xiao who had followed behind him and come out. Currently, they had shocked as they swept over the empty ground in front of them. Due to terror of the bewitching woman not far away, however, even the third elder, who had a bad temper, did not dare to take the initiative to open his mouth and ask.

“In the future, Wu Tan City will no longer have the Jia Li and the Aoba ” Xiao Yan’s voice caused the members of the Xiao to sigh in relief.

“That’s right.” Xiao Yan appeared to have recalled something. He frowned slightly and asked in a deep voice, “First elder, where are the other members of the Xiao The Xiao does not appear to only have these few people, right?”

“Ke ke, you need not worry. If there are only these few people left in the Xiao , what face would I have when I go meet our ancestors?” The first elder shook his head with a smile and , “I have already expected that there will be people who will loot us in our miserable state. Therefore, I have arranged for the dependants of the to move to the mountain behind in advance. There are also quite a number of members who are quite strong protecting them there.”

Xiao Yan only sighed in relief upon hearing this. He turned his head around as he watched a small head which had squeezed out from the crowd. At this moment, this pretty little girl who had tied a ponytail was staring intently at Xiao Yan with a pair of large watery eyes which were filled with such worship that small stars nearly appeared.

“Little girl, go to the mountain behind and call the members out. Biao-ge is back. Nothing will happen to the Xiao ” Xiao Yan waved his hand to Xiao Qing and spoke with a smile.

TL: Biao-ge – older cousin brother

Upon hearing Xiao Yan’s order, Xiao Qing quickly squeezed out of the human crowd. She gave a crisp response before bouncing around and cheering as she ran toward the back of the Xiao ’s home. Along the way, a little girl’s ‘hee hee’ laughter repeatedly rang out. The biao-ge in her heart which she thought could do anything did not disappoint her. Even a difficult problem which had caused the elders of the to be helpless was completely settled by him in less than an hour.

Xiao Yan let out a long sigh. He turned his head and watched the first elder. “Now, first elder, can you tell me all the things that have recently happened to the Xiao in detail?”

“Ah.” Upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words, the face of the first elder, which was originally carrying a smile, immediately became bitter. He sighed softly, turned his head and waved his hand. After dismissing the members to tidy up the Xiao which was a complete mess, he then turned around, faced Xiao Yan and said, “Come in and we’ll talk.”

As he spoke, he took the lead by turning around and walking into the hall. The and third elder exchanged and followed closely with gloomy faces.

Eyeing the other three’s manner, Xiao Yan’s finger shook slightly as he lifted his feet and followed.

The four of them once again walked into the hall. At the moment, the slightly messy had already been swiftly cleaned up by the members of the Xiao The four of them sat down and the members by the side hurriedly brought hot tea.

Xiao Yan’s hands held the teacup, feeling the warmth that gradually seeped into his body. He at the solemn face of the first elder and softly said, “Tell me, what happened?”

The first elder nodded his head. He was just about to open his mouth when he shut it. His gaze stopped on the chair beside Xiao Yan. The latter followed the gaze and slowly turned his head only to realize that Queen Medusa had already sat there with a calm face since an unknown point in time.

“You don’t need to be bothered about her. Just speak.” Xiao Yan shook his head and said.

The first elder nodded his head with a bitter smile and sighed, “Ever since you have left Wu Tan City, our Xiao , with the help of the large number of healing medicine which you left behind, gradually strengthened our within Wu Tan City. Although the Jia Li and the Aoba thought of uniting and suppressing the Xiao during this of time, our Xiao held out one time after another with the support from Ya Fei xiao-jie. As the profits that the Xiao gained from the selling of healing medicine during these two years became overly large, it also resulted in our conflict with the Jia Li and Aoba to increasingly intense. Three months before you returned, they finally could not resist and began using hard force. It was fortunate, however, that the strength of the Xiao had soared greatly during these two years. In terms of pure force, even with the of their two , they were unable to obtain much benefit.”

TL: xiao-jie – refer to a daughter of a certain well off (unmarried)

“But…” After speaking to this point, the of the first elder suddenly became He tightened his fist. A ‘crunch’ sound caused Xiao Yan to be aware of just what kind of fury was currently being hidden in the heart of the first elder.

“Just three days ago, the Xiao received its most tragic blow.”

The corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes twitched as he slowly sipped a mouthful of tea.

“It was late in the night when the defence of the Xiao was at its weakest. Three -robed men who exceeded everyone’s suddenly came descending from the sky. Although they did not take the initiative to hurt people, they damaged the Xiao until it was in a complete mess. The damage they caused alerted the entire Xiao The Leader was extremely He led the strong people of the Xiao , wanting to stop them. However, the strength of the other side was far too terrifying. The three of us did not even last one exchange against the -robed person who was the leader before we were all injured. All of us knew that the person had held back. Otherwise, the three of us would definitely not have lived from that one strike.” The first elder’s old body trembled slightly as he lowered his head and said.

“Crack.” A clear sound suddenly appeared. The first elder and the others hurriedly lifted their heads only to see that Xiao Yan’s had abruptly very ugly. The teacup in his hand had already been kneaded until it shattered. Powder mixed with tea was moving along the gap between his fingers and dripping down.

“Where is father?” Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the three elders. His breathing was rapid and his voice was somewhat hoarse.

Hearing this, the of the first elder and other two elder’s became gloomy as they shook their heads bitterly.

“Father is not in the mountain behind?” Xiao Yan’s was so ugly that it was a little frightening. He eyed the three elders whose faces were filled with bitterness. Suddenly, he stood up and a roar was emitted from his throat, “Tell me!”

“The three -robed man had come after the Leader. The Leader also seemed to be aware of their Therefore, in order to avoid any injuries or death of the members, he alone diverted the three people away and until now, he has yet to return.” The first elder gritted his teeth and said with a bitter smile.


A Qi abruptly erupted from within the large hall. The table at Xiao Yan’s side was directly burst apart at this moment. The members in the large hall who had moved back and forth as they cleaned up the stiffened their bodies as they eyed the faced Xiao Yan who sat in the middle of the hall.

“Do you have on the three people?” Xiao Yan’s body was wrapped around a hot green colored His voice was currently like those that had come from the afterworld. Within the iciness, there was a wild killing intent.

“No.” The first elder clenched his teeth, stared at the high temperature that was pouncing toward him and shook his head bitterly.

“Although we do not know the exact of the Leader, we can still at the very least determine that his life is currently not in danger.” The first elder suddenly pulled out an ancient box carefully from his chest pocket. He opened it and an emerald-colored jade appeared within it. A spot of light was slowly swimming at the middle of the jade piece, as though it possessed a spirituality.

The first elder picked up the jade piece. He studied it in detail before sighing in relief. With a soft voice, he said, “This jade piece was left behind by the ancestors of our Xiao Each Leader will leave a little spiritual energy within it. If the leader dies, this swimming spot of light will disappear along with him. Seeing that the spiritual light spot is currently still very strong, I think that he should not be in any danger of dying.”

The words of the first elder caused Xiao Yan’s heart, which was like a volcano that had erupted, to calm down a little. He received the jade piece from the first elder and gently stroked it.

“Can it tell me the current of father?” Xiao Yan’s voice was dark and cold as he asked.

“It cannot.” The first elder shook with a bitter smile.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of cool air. He slowly shut his eyes which were filled with killing intent. The wild killing intent in his heart was affecting his reasoning, which was about to reach its limit.

“There are traces of energy left behind by people of the Misty Cloud Sect within the three of them.” Queen Medusa, who was seated quietly by the side, suddenly faintly at Xiao Yan and said, “It is a little like the First Elder of the Misty Cloud Sect.”

Xiao Yan’s closed eyes were suddenly opened. A dark and cold killing intent that even caused Queen Medusa to be startled slowly seeped out of Xiao Yan’s body. He lifted his head slightly. That delicate and handsome face was now completely filled with and madness.

“This time, he must die! Whoever stops me will die!”

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